Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel on the dying of Otto Warmbier, an American student held in North Korea for 17 months.



  1. Dumbasses calling for war all over this comment section. They don't even know about the military power NK has in posession. They would obliterate Seoul using artillery at the first sign of US bombers flying over the country. Millions of SK civillian casualties and a brutal war over one American idiot breaking the rules in totalitarian central? No.

  2. Some one please take down NK. They did this to him so he could not tell what they had done to him before forced to return. Makes me sick! Im so sorry to the family. May there be some retribution for this.

  3. sorry he died but to go to country that has no rule of law once you leave the country like here you have no right that the sad fact .its a commonest country

  4. I hear talk Of people Saying that we Should bomb the DPRK fuck you all, Yes it is sad that he Died, But there is also no sign that he was actually tortured by The DPRK, that can also be backed up by accounts of other westerners Arrested in The DPR Korea who often said that they where treated relatively well whilst in captivity in The DPRK, The Fact that warmbier went into a coma is Most likely accidental, After all why would the DPRK deliberatly do this when it could have detrimental repercussions for their country if Said prisoner was to die? We are quick to say that his sentence was harsh but we have to look at the context in which this happened, The ammount of suffering that America has caused to the DPRK, and the resentment that North Koreans have for The American state, this all came at a Time when relations where at their worst, The DPRK wanted get back at America For the misery they have caused their nation, It is a shame he Has Died But he was an absolute Idiot for doing what he did , But really if you look at this situation its Nothing compared to the suffering and murder that America has inflicted on the Korean Peninsular.

  5. look at that crying sissy millennial………..fuck him and his dad.
    fuck obama……….fuck hillary …………fuck the chicoms………..GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  6. It is obvious the North korean regime killed him and didn't want Otto to ever give the truth. This should be sufficient to terminate that regime and free the People from these dictators

  7. I wonder if he was a registred organ donor. Maybe in this way he can help even more people with an other act of heroism.

  8. They probably kept submerging his head in water which gave him brain damage. Don't know though, still fucked up even if I am a dumbass with that theory.

  9. What kind of hospital care did he get at home, where he's alive in North Korea after his brain injury, but comes home and die two days later?

  10. If he was black, this wouldn't be a conversation! Especially if he got caught stealing lol. That was him clearly in the video. If it wasn't, the family would said something. In America people die everyday in prison. No big deal here.

  11. Did his parents choose to remove the oxygen from him since he became a vegetable?I know white ppl usually pull the plug because they are too lazy to take care of a vegetable.They use the excuse "end the pain and suffering".

  12. North Korea would not have my choice for a country to have fun in. Why steal a poster? Why be a sneak thief? In North Korea of all places!

  13. Any American whose primary reaction is to justify or ridicule the destiny of Warmbier deserves the same trip! His punishment is completely out of proportion and North Koreas views and standards may never be yours. Support and RIP from Scandinavia.

  14. Maybe they were testing a new chemical weapon on him and they sent him to us saying " Soon this will be all of you and your allies" idk let's just fucking send special forces and capture him and kill him later or just shoot him on the spot

  15. He was tortured to death. Trump has more balls than Obama definitely, I hope he helps all the people on concentration camps there.

  16. It appears that he had been denied air which seems to indicate some type of torture..ie..waterboarding, suffocating, choking……RIP….God bless his family.

  17. USA has been doing this for ages in Guantanamo Bay with detainees from other countries . Also Trump gave back idea of waterboarding and torturing is okay .
    North Korea sent him back not because they respected Trump (to all fools who think that way) , but because this guy was no use to them and he was already brain dead and they don't want him to die on their soil .
    Still whatever happened to this man is not right . Torturing is never the right solution , whoever it is

  18. I wouldn't wish death on anyone but he was dumb enough to enter North Korea on top of that he committed a crime. We can't hold North Korea to the standards of the US. BTW stealing is a crime in America too.

  19. They murdered this kid. Period! Kim Jong Un's house should be targeted (while he is asleep in it) and he should be taken out!

  20. If his parents chose to remove his life support wouldn't they be responsible?Not trying to be cynical.He was too young and did not deserve what happened.


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