Fixed Audio here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuviL5TdTQY
I saw the League of Legends video and though it would be cool to change it for Dota 2.

Original LoL video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5QahFFHv0I

Clips taken from Dota 2 True Sight & Liquid Champions

I only really made this for fun if any of the original creators have issues with this then contact me.



  1. You should weave this video with the panic in the news of the declining numbers and viewership of mainstream media and mainstream sports.

  2. football is boring .. there i fucking said it
    90 min for a fucking draw with little action and lots of acting
    with lifeless celebs unlike our Dotes celebs where you see them acting like a normal human being and you can interact with them in streams

    and the sport industry and the media knows it
    and they realize the insane growth of Esports therefore they fight it
    just to please the investors to keep their boring ass sports

    and no .. just because we love E sports doesn't mean we have no lives or don't do exercises and have jobs you god damn morons

  3. This brought a tear to my eye. I've been watching Dota 2 since TI1, haven't missed a TI since. Seeing where we are now, from where we've been.. incredible. Where does it end?

  4. The dumbest thing I've ever heard is "if you don't break a sweat it's not a sport". Golf isn't a sport? Darts aren't a sport? Snooker isn't a sport? F1? Hunting? Fishing?

  5. Hey Guys thanks for the positive feedback. I have uploaded a version without the weird audio at the end here:

    Unfortunatly I can't just replace the audio but what can you do.

  6. As a lifetime athlete and gamer I truly do not believe gaming is a sport. There is NOTHING wrong with being a professional or competitive gamer, but that is what you are doing, gaming. "eSport" is a term invented by marketing agencies to try and make competitive gaming more relatable to the average person (because they are trying to take money from that sector) . Trying to force people to believe gaming is the same as a sport is just creating an unneeded rift and may push people further away from accepting it as a viable profession.

  7. I used to love watch Football, but now watching Dota 2 sports is my favorite thing to watch. Love it to be part of the Dota community. Great video and music!

  8. If you need to "break a sweat" for it to be a sport, golf and bowling aren't sports.
    If esports "shouldn't be on TV as a sport" then neither should spelling bees and poker.

    Sports doesn't mean hitting people with sticks and having balls. It means an individual or team competing at a high level to achieve an outcome, and in that regard esports reigns king.

  9. Huge Dota fan, but you wouldn't call chess a sport either. It's meaningful but shouldn't be described with the same word as (athletic) sports. It's all semantics though, what really matters what it means to you as a person.

  10. Question: Does gaming only becomes a sport when it's competitive? Or does it also mean I'm playing a sport when I'm just matchmaking with plebs in the pubs?

  11. Hello! I really love the video. The music background is really supporting the feels. Can I know what music you use in the video?


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