Brian Kibler discusses the analysis of a number of playing cards in Un’Goro.





  1. So i know i'm probably late on this…but I finally just saw the BK playmat….LMAO!!! HILARIOUS!! Almost makes me want to get back into Magic!! lol

  2. I dont get how Stampede was the best card in the compedium. I mean, it's a way worse Lock n Load, and Lock n Load was already a pretty mediocre card used in only one deck and that deck was a fun random Yog Saron deck.

  3. I find it amusing how so many thought Hunter would be super powerful with all the "awesome" new cards it was getting in Un'Goro, and how it ended up being strong but with mostly the same basic cards it has always used plus a couple new common minions and almost none of the things people thought were going to make it broken.

  4. I think Mage is currently the best class for Elementals. They have an Elemental 4-drop and get plenty of 1-Mana Elementals.

  5. man i predicted caverns below would be pretty viable back in prerelease and every single one of my friends said there weren't enough bounces for it to be consistent…. ha. oh well

  6. Kripp was actually one of the ones that I remember specifically saying prior to the release that he didn't think hunter would work just due to the lack of synergy between its powerful effects. Also I imagine that Stampede was intended to be a way to refill your hand after playing Marsh queen.

  7. @Brian Kibler: Velens Chosen is not from Gadgetzan. It's from Goblins v.s Gnomes. But i guess that was a slip of the tongue.

  8. Here's one you missed, that I totally thought you would mention at the end alongside stampede: Dinomancy! I personally think it is ok, I run one copy in my midrange hunter deck and that seems like the right amount. Why anyone would run two of them, I don't know. Maybe Blizzard should have made it +3/+3 once you play the second one, sort of like shadowform.

  9. Flappy Bird is a reaaaally toxic card. It is even more toxic in Arena. Blizz needs to stop making cards like these.

  10. Another big point for the hunter quest is that with a deck full of 3/2's your chances of drawing your removal if needed or if you need to draw a big card you just don't get it!

  11. I just released that spikeridged steed is a power word tentacles with one more mana and extra +2/+6 that is bonkers and taunt

  12. Sunkeeper Tarim underrated? i remember everyone saying it's good and it was good.
    I'd say earthen scale and vicious fledgling were overrated

  13. I love all the examples in this video about how the pro game developers actually know game development better than the pro players do,

  14. Another factor of Lyra that people didn't seem to consider is that the a lot of commonly played Priest spells are cheap.

  15. I knew the Warlock quest would be bad right away. I think the Mage quest was only a tiny bit overrated if at all.

  16. I think open the waygate is hard to win with because if you go exodia, you get rushed down possibly, and if you go giants, you get taunted down.

  17. another thing people forget is that the new cards at the start of the year are always going to feel stronger because all the busted stuff from the year before last are all gone.

  18. The other problem with Awaken the makers, is Alexstrasza. as long as it's in standard, there's a limit to how good the priest quest will ever be.

  19. The Priest is bad for a similar reason that the Hunter Quest is bad. While Priests don't have many turn 1 plays, the fact you give up 1 card in your opening hand and deck is a huge drawback for a class like Priest.


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