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Directed by Andrew Joffe (http://joffco.net)

All that I would like
Is to get up effective
Tell me that I’m alright
That I Ain’t gonna die
All that I would like
Is a gap within the floor
You can inform me when it’s alright
For me to return out

Gonna make you marvel why you even attempt
Gonna take you down and giggle if you cry
And I nonetheless do not know the way I even survive
and that i gotta get to all-time low

Walking round
With my little raincloud
Hanging over my head
And it ain’t coming down
Where do I’m going?
Gimme some form of signal
Hit me with lightning!
Maybe I’ll come alive

Tell my buddies I’m coming down
We’ll kick it once I hit the bottom



  1. I love this song! I think what some people don't really notice is that while the style is a bit different, the lyrics are still deep and relatable. It's not like they went from singing deep songs to singing all about sex, partying, and money, because it that's what a lot of mainstream music is about these days.

  2. 'They're growing as a band' is just a nice way of saying they're 'selling out'. I don't even mind the song, but don't complain about fans of their original music for their disappointment. They were a rock band, now they're a pop band.

  3. I do like this a lot, but I really prefer their old sound. I know that they've grown up and everything but I really hoped that this album would be a little bit more like their earlier albums. Of course that was a long shot but still. I will always love them no matter what they do, I just still hope most of their songs on the new album will be a little more rock that's all

  4. omg! this feels like ain't it fun and still into you, at least they're back. i'm happy for them and i think they're happy with their 5th LP as well. that's what you get, crush crush crush, brighter, the only exception, brick by boring brick, decode, ain't it fun, still into you – some of my paramore faves ? just sayin', just sharin', ☺

  5. this makes me so happy <3 <3 <3  honestly, without the fact that they aren't the same with they're music, it makes me so happy!


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