Pittsburgh Penguins ahead Pascal Dupuis catches a excessive stick from his teammate Kris Letang as he pulls out two teeth on the bench with out lacking a shift.



  1. It's funny, cause I have never even been to Canada. See, you rugby players should wear helmets after all since apparently you have hit your head a few too many times to understand that I am trolling too.

  2. All the hate on hockey. I FUCKING love it!!, it keeps all the lowlife,spotlight seekers out of the sport. It also keeps Hockey pure and all about competition and love of the game.
    Hockey is the only sport in the US that has not been infected by some dirty hood rats,wearing their "bling" and acting like monkeys on leave from the local Zoo.
    Hockey is only for true fans and true fans are only for Hockey.

  3. It isn't really difficult to bounce a ball or dunk a basketball when you are 7 foot 2.

    I'd love to watch halv the commenters on here lace up skates and try to skate 5 feet.

    Wonder how many times they would fall on their ass.

    Send a puck their way and watch it go right through their feet – and theyll spin and fall.


    "When it comes down to it – how much money do you need? All that really matters is winning" – Steve Yzerman

  5. Hockey is so fucking retarded. What's the point of the fighting? At least in sports like rugby you can understand how physicality over your opponent might serve a purpose in the sport.

  6. if lebron james gets a cramp or falls over it'd be all over sportscenter. this is why I watch hockey and think basketball is for pussies.

  7. Yea not every fighter does that also bet you these players also fake injuries like to see them get in the cage. also want to see non dramatic players watch some fights.

  8. White people don't have the skill or athleticism to ever even be decent in the NBA….only a rare freak of natures. That is why they stick to something like ice skates and sticks. They can't run and jump like black people.

  9. came out way to easy… they were likely false teeth as it is that started to loosen. they got annoying do he just took em out


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