Fox News terrorism analyst reacts to experiences that some Londoners fought again in opposition to knife-wielding assailant in Borough Market



  1. Don't panic… no not yet.
    I know you want to end this threat.
    Force NATO to do its part.
    Kill the jihadists at their heart.

  2. Islam is evil. Read the Koran. If spells it all out in black and white. And Muslims are its primary victims.

  3. The good news is, police kill the muslin pigs. Unfortunately in every terrorist attacks % 99 are muslin. so we are not wrong to comment on this. Only my friend muslin is good , this is way I said %99 cent.

  4. luckily I don't believe a word from you fear mongering idiots. Shame the cowards who trust you and that moron Trump do.

  5. We are not in war with Islam. Actions of extremists do not represent an entire Islamic community. Saying so is just fear mongering.

  6. the problem goes deeper than this. Terror cells are just tip of iceberg. Different religions and races cannot co exist in same space. To think otherwise is to go against the laws of nature. No amount of liberal philosophy and wishful thinking will change this. Once one group reaches a certain mass, it will start annihilating the other. Terrorism is just one prong of multipronged white genocide. Diversity, liberalism, mass immigration into heart of white civilization, miscegenation are just a few of the others. They are killing us. Wake Up, you have slept too long! I used to be hardcore liberal until I accidently connected the dots and saw past decades of programming and propaganda. Diversity= white genocide. Racist is codeword for anti-white. I don't hate other races but cant let them walk over us either. Spread the word!

  7. I tell you how you do it you kick all the Muslims out of the fucking country they all read from the same book

  8. The British politicians have blood on their hands. They tried to create a global melting pot and failed miserably while putting citizens at risk. Vote these libtards out of office before they destroy your country.

  9. If Trump was a leader in any country in Europe, he would have fucked up all those Islamic Terrorists. ? Europe is fucked right now lol! That's what you people get for wanting "Bridges Not Walls."

  10. We are NOT at war. In fact, we are living in a golden age of peace and prosperity. But we have large populations and huge media services constantly looking for blood to drive up readership with. So even though we're pretty much at an all-time LOW of personal danger in western societies, we still feel constantly threatened. But it's all going to fall apart in a decade or two, due to the sheer greed running things worldwide. There is simply no such thing as 'having enough' for these people, so eventually the left-out masses will take back some of it. THEN we'll see what real war is like….the current minor conflicts are just a distraction.

  11. If an estimated 1.6 Billion "good" mulims exist.. Why dont they do something about the "few" bad ones? oh wait never mind.

  12. walid is an arabic name yet he can be realistic about the situation. not wanting refugees and combatting terrorists is not racism, its national defense.

  13. America apparently never learned from 9/11 since we continued to let them in for 8 years. Maybe now we'll learn from those who decided to act faster than us. Maybe we'll see that letting in these terrorists is actually a BAD THING.

  14. There's no other way to describe this but a trap. If we start doing things such as banning the Qur'an or fighting against Muslims there will be a riot and potentially a large scale war. If we don't do anything and keep with what we are doing nothing will change and the scale of these attacks will keep rising. Terrorists have us right where they want us. We are literally trapped.

  15. We should legalize slavery again so we can make Muslims our slaves, thus driving all of them to ther stinkholes in their homeland of vacant deserts

  16. So much hate and bigotry in the comments section it's unbelievable.
    Bigots don't even bother knowing the whole story and conclude that Islam and Muslim's Islamness is somehow responsible for these isolated stupid stabbing cases and in the mean while the dirty kuffar are bombing innocent Muslims that no one cares about.
    Well one thing is for sure that kuffar will burn in hell for eternity and Muslims no matter how bad they were will eventually be released from the prison of hell. So carry on with your lies you will not live forever to continue your hatred towards the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

  17. Gotta go medieval on suicidal jihadist's family…everybody got families….make it known that their family will pay the price for their terrorism and I guarantee they will think twice….and the number of volunteer will suddenly drop


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