Liz Camp of Rutgers University joins James and Eliot to speak in regards to the nature of metaphor.



  1. I really enjoyed this thank you for sharing. Will be watching the rest of this series. Hopefully the audio gets better. Props 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful premise, Dr. Franco. Please inject it directly into my retinas so I can watch a frame of it every time I close my eyes.

  3. That point about how metaphors can be better descriptors because they evoke specific emotional responses I think is really interesting. I feel like in certain situations and especially when writing, being able to make the reader or person you're talking to think about specific memory they had can be a super powerful tool. Good stuff keep up what you're doing

  4. I believe that metaphor can be effective because it "speaks" to our more primitive neurological structures—those that operate primarily with emotional communication/intelligence.

  5. Каналами популярных американских актёров интересуются только немногие в США и кто-нибудь из России?)

  6. How does a metaphor refer to philosophy? I'm a doctor of philosophical sciences in Russia and do not understand what you're talking about, can your channel be about linguistics?

  7. Haha a simple definition of metaphore can be : a comparison without any comparison tool. She is not clear at all !

  8. She does a great job making her voice and mannerisms like a 55-year-old woman's. Especially the all-important vocal fry.


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