Live stream of me picking my new car!!!

LATEST UPLOADS: https://goo.gl/YUYc0o



  1. Sorry guys! We have terrible service down here and can't find the WiFi! Also, the app isn't letting us switch to landscape. All that aside, enjoy my enjoyment!

  2. Talking about canceling the AMG GTR when the 720S us being cancelled and sold faster than you can say “terrible build quality”?? Interesting… obviously you kept your order so that you stay in good with McLaren and get their new hypercar.

  3. How come every time I see a 720S, all I can think about is a GMC Arcadia. Like when you admire a girl from behind, and it's ruined when you see her jacked up grill.

  4. Youtube live is such a joke. What a pile of shit everything about it is. The only good part of it is the dvr functionality. Might as well move to Twitch and upload the VOD here.


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