The interview covered a range of issues, though not the ongoing Russia investigation.



  1. how can the president obstruct justice? he's muellers BOSS. doj isnt independent, its part of the executive branch! ..none of that matters, since he didn't do it…but he should!

  2. its because nobody gives a fuck about the russia investigation. it's a dc story.
    if anything, trumps base would love if he fired mueller. whats the point of firing him now anyway, he should of fired him the day he was hired. same with sessions and rosenstein.

  3. Trump knows this mess will open up his family's illegal money deals. —– And his "fortune' is at risk, too. – Trump should have seceded the election to Hillary…………..oh, well……………

  4. Love, love our President Trump!! The best President for the past 100 yrs, Pres. Reagan was awesome But he didn't have to deal with so much corruption committed by the Elites, the lying propaganda MSM, etc.

  5. Thank god for The Donald, I figured this country was fucked until he became my god and THE AIR I BREATH. I’m sure it’s not his fault nothing is getting better I WANT MY FUCKING WALL GODDAMNIT. 9/11 was an inside job. And you better start lifting cause we are about to go live in FEMA camps!!

  6. Holy cow you guys are CLOWNS. Who cares if he fired the guy , it's nothing there. Drop it CLOWNS. Mental bs , damn you guys are CLOWNS.

  7. Obamas economy. Trump supporters should perish from this earth. I would love it. Most uneducated, Oblivious fucking humans I ever seen. They have no facts. All you see is 'TRUMP winning'.. 'TRUMP 2020…… You people remind me of the people in the movie IDIOCRASY.

  8. I like that Trump tweets; I just don't like that he wastes his time with a dude like Jay-Z. Just give Jay-Z a knife so he can go stab somebody, and that will occupy his time.

  9. No the Dems don't want it released until they can doctor the memo. Trumps team and the Republicans want to releaae it as is. Rep. congressman have all said in live interviews too release as is. So why do you change the truth?


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