47-year-old Darren Osborne faces homicide and terrorism chargers; Amy Kellogg studies from London



  1. Too many mirror images of Daesh posting in this section.
    Meanwhile, ex-Fox anchor quote of the day. Bill O'Reilly: "Sandy Hook families deserve better than Alex Jones"

  2. Please woke up, killing in Islam is =red line= God say in Quoran that how kill a men is like killing all the humanity, ask some people how go to a muslim country about muslims, Muslims Caaant't kill!!,? ???, open your minds people, ISIS kill Syrian people, Saudian people, Iraq people…, and all this cuntrys is Muslims, Muslims kill Muslims!! ? Really!!

  3. It's time Muslims understood the true meaning of "An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.". When they start valuing their own lives. That's when a death cult like Islam will know they need to coexist.

  4. Shame on you British government and the western leaders . One of the London policewoman said that attack was against Muslims so did those Muslims around that mosques area ! But IGNORANT police of London were coward and didn't say that it was a Muslim terrorist attacks in Ariana grande concert or in London bridge or near the British parliament or in France , Germany , USA , Belgium etc… Wait until Muslims they pull the carpet from under your feet and take over U.K. And all the western world and implement sharia where they will dress your woman and girls in black curtain and satire all bars and shut down all beaches and bars , break the crosses of all churches , and will make forbid music and pork , your Christians men wear distinctive clothes from Muslims so that Muslims will recognize them as treat them as second class citizens raping your women and girls whose hair is not covered as as they did to Christians of the Middle East especially to us ( IRAQI Christians) and many other humiliating things. But you target a guy like tommy Robinson or Robert so next or David wood who know the evil of Islam and try assiduously to educate you and all the western world especially the youth and younger generations about the evil of Islam to protect your kids and all the Western culture from Islam . U.K. appointed a Muslim as mayor for London ! But Islam forbids to appoint any Christian or non Muslims in any office . SHAME ON YOU Western leaders ???

  5. These white(some) animals need to stop and right now!!! Their very heart filled with hate but then again I bet they are people who didn't do enough research and didn't get enough education to assume all Muslim do not represent ISIS. SHAME!

  6. theres always trash comments but the majority is concerning here :/ anyone supporting their deaths should be excommunicated for treason, if you think a muslim with a cockney accent is the same as a terrorist from isis you are a moron. how is a non muslim thinking "kill all the muslims" any better than the muslims that think "kill all non muslims"

    if you are so patriotic and hate muslims so much why dont you join the military and fight them properly, fight the ones who are fighting us. what he did had no value, no meaning, no honor, he was just a sad old racist who had a bad day, well fuck him, hes a shitty terrorist anyway, couldnt even kill himself, so he gets to rot in jail now hahahaha

  7. i'm sadden by lost of any life but shit like this was bound to happen sooner or later now the progressives will use this for their gain sadly. they don't care for human life

  8. Unbelievable amount of blind hate in these comments. So many people saying this is "payback" and "eye for an eye". That would be true if these Muslims targeted in this attack were involved in anyway to any other attack. What logic is this? It's like some black people are in gangs so all black ppl are drug dealers and thugs… oh wait, that's also a stereotype white people cant shake off. Never mind.. ALL white people will always be ignorant I guess…see now I'm doing it too. Let's all blindly hate each other. Ya that makes sense…

  9. D. Osborne = terrorist attack. Bombing in Manchester and slaughter of people on streets of London = incident. WTF???!!!

  10. I'm positive this is a hate crime. Because this is what a hate crime is; a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence. Terrorism is different; the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. But who knows, I may be wrong.

  11. Darren Osbourne should be named a St. Standing up to Islamic Global conquest through rape gangs, suicide bombers and nutters mowing people down in Vans., Darren Osbourne did what our despicable Government failed to do… Stand up to Islam.

    Darren Osbourne, you are a living Legend and every true Brit I spoke to today had nothing but utter respect for you.

  12. Fuck the muslims, welcome to the new london of terror. Muslims made it what it is today. What about the kids that were killed at the concert?

  13. GG sir, that is a good chuckle when you consider the prior attacks by those we shall not name. I bet the religion of peace doesn't like receiving what it gives. It is ironic the government gives terrorism charges to everyone but themselves when they openly support the destruction of their own people and mankind itself.

  14. Well it was clearly a matter of time that a white nationalist nut would do such a thing, but is anyone investigating if the guy was possibly framed or something?


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