Saint Peter’s Square mass attended by tens of 1000’s



  1. el Sisi is not doing a good job protecting the Egyptian Coptic Christians. Assad protects millions of Syrian Christians… If he is murdered, those Christians will be put to the sword by the terrorists/Rebels/FSA/ISIS/ what ever the hell they are calling themselves … they are barbaric men who must be destroyed.

  2. People think Muslims are oppressed in western countries but they enjoy freedom and support but in the middle East Christians, Atheists, Jews, LGBT are oppressed and prosecuted on a daily basis yet there's no outrage specially from Liberals!

  3. Pope in 11th century: "Crusade to free christian lands from non-believers"Pope in 21th century: "I'm so sorry, but turn the other cheek"

  4. Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus the Lord God father of all creation who is in Christ reconciling the world back into himself leaving an example to follow his footsteps his name is Jesus the one and only true living God. Repent and turn away from the Trinitarian doctrine the Trinitarian church trinitarian baptism for it is the traditions of men doctrines of men the Catholic Church and turn to Jesus to his word

  5. He's like the Christian king or whatever. He HAS to forgive the bombers. Is there a religion where you can beat someone's ass?


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