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  1. The fact that Bravo can keep a clean sheet is out of control seeing as how his ManCity run went horrible. He took some roids

  2. why do barca fans care if Portugal loose to chile?

    A. because they love Portugal

    B. because they love Chile

    C. to hate on ronaldo because he didn't take a penalty even tho he was told to take last kick, and say that madrid fans did the same thing to messi.

    D. all of the above

    which answer is correct?

  3. Come on guys let's all agree the copa America was way more entertaining then the euros
    The euros was so boring
    The majority of players in the best European clubs are not from Europe

  4. MEXICO COME ON AND MAKE IT HAPPEN… Mexico vs chile .. Mexico will again be chiles bestia negra .. we owned them for years we had a bad game .. let's see the rematch.. HYPED for Mexico vs Germany too …

  5. Lmaooo Ronaldo how does it feel to lose to Chile in penalties! Don't worry the G.O.A.T. Messi couldn't do it either.

  6. I think chile are gunna win this thing. It feels like chile are doing what they did in the copa America acted like they were weak in the group stage and then go hardcore in the other stages

  7. Mexico better win tomorrow against Germany.
    We all want that Mexico vs Chile final game.

    Congrats Chile btw ❤️

  8. The whole game ronaldo was waiting for heater unlike Messi he created so many chances Messi had 75 percent of the ball also completed passes and u still compare Ronaldo to Messi hahahah what a joke

  9. This is what happens when your ego is greater than your leadership.

    Cristiano wanted to score the deciding penalty (to make it look like he single-handedly won the match) instead of starting off the shootout and built morale for his team (like a true captain).


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