My identify is Calen Chan, and this can be a FULL POV RUN of the Skyladder Parkour course at Tianman Mountain in China! I had the fantastic alternative to return and play right here at this stunning location known as Heaven’s Gate. It has a mean incline of 45 levels, and is 999 steps lengthy (about three soccer fields)! Obviously this was tough, and I bodily could not dash down all the path of lethal drops with out slowing down, however I did my finest! I’m the one individual to do the entire thing with a GoPro in my mouth, so please assist a man out and provides it a share! 😉

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  1. Fucking PRC monkeys will get a contestant killed or badly injured by chilling enroute the course. Where were the course officials?

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  3. Hey did you like take your time planning your run or just go for it? Either way great job, way faster than I could've ?

  4. Amazing! Shared on our channel. This should be a permanent fixture then can add to the list of famous parkour spots for a global tour 🙂

  5. That's really amazing but WTF is wrong with all that people standing on the course? Just GTFO dammit LOL

  6. This just shows how hard parkour can be!
    And you controlled your momentum all the way down!
    props to you man

  7. Fuck sake, I know us americans get a bad rap but jesus…these fuckers take rudeness and self absorption to a whole new level. They see someone coming down a course they're not even suppose to be on and the dumb cunts don't even try to move they just stand there.

  8. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! This video has gone viral on Facebook (2 million+ views)! 😀 I'm going to answer some of the most frequent questions since I've seen in the comments there since there's too many to reply to. 😉

    1: "Why are there people on the course??"
    This event was two days long where only the athletes could go on the previous days and the two days of the competition. This was the day after the event and the last day that the course would even exist, so the athletes and I wanted to go back and film there. Since there was no one really in charge there that day, there wasn't anything telling people not to be on the course, and so the curious Chinese tourists wanted to take a closer look. I was bummed out at first, but I thought it would make a more interesting POV to have clueless people there to run through and have to adapt to whatever environment I ran into. 🙂

    2: "Did your knees hurt??"
    Surprisingly not at all! I have had issues with knee pain for the past few years, but then I recently made a change with how I warm up and how to improve my jumping/landing technique. Literally the only thing that was on fire was my quads, because it basically felt like doing 100 jump squats with a weighted vest. Other than the soreness, I sustained no injuries on this course whatsoever! 🙂

    3: "Did anyone get hurt on this course??"
    Yes. Dom Di Tomato actually designed most of the course, and he ended up being the one who got hurt on it. He was going really fast and then fell about 20 feet to his face on the concrete. It was a miracle that he walked away with just a dislocated wrist and fractured cheek. (Check it out the video on his page)

    4: "Why didn't you do flips??"
    For those of you who are new to this, Parkour is the practice of overcoming obstacles in one's path using the human body to get from point A to point B as efficiently and/or as quickly as possible. Freerunning is an extension to Parkour that is not about how effectively you get through an environment, but how creatively. Freerunning has all the shnazzy flips and twists you're thinking about, and if you watch my other videos, you'll see that I do a lot more Freerunning than I do Parkour. 😉 This is a Parkour POV run, and even if adding Freerunning would be cool, it would make it so much more exhausting and I wouldn't be able to run the full thing. ?

    5: "Were the drops big?"
    Yes, and they had no choice since the stairway was so steep. I've never seen a course with so many height drops. On average I'd say the drops varied from 5 to 8 feet, and then the very last ones were 8 to 10 feet and dangerously close together. ?

    Let me know if there's anymore big questions I missed and I'll edit this comment to include them! 🙂

  9. I was there two weeks ago when they were building this. Your film doesn't show how steep the steps actually are. Total respect in taking on the course.

  10. that "disconnected like a powered-off robot" self absorption of the people on the route – you wonder how they survive living on top of each other in their millions like ants? That's how!

  11. OMG HOW DID YOU DO THIS? I mean wouldn't it hurt? Slamming your butt on concrete and basically, running on thin bars…. THAT'S HARD!


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