Thirty-year-old Charleena Lyles was shot and killed by police in her Seattle condominium on June 18. Police say Lyles was holding a knife. She was pregnant together with her fifth little one.



  1. This was inhumane, Then we all know the final headline here: Police exonerated in shooting of pregnant black woman.

  2. mental illness is an epidemic in this country..being pregnant makes no difference when someone charges with gun or knife!

    she's not the first nor last.

  3. Sooooo if she didnt pull a knife she'd be alive…..such a weird concept that so many people can't understand. The cops prob could have used a tazer instead but then again they wouldn't have to if she DIDN'T PULL A KNIFE!

  4. another worthless baby momma with a future ghettocrat thug, gone. Bitch crying is a joke. Epitome of failed parenting.

  5. The news media isn't giving this the publicity it rightly deserves…

    If she would've killed the cops … this would've been a national headliner…

    Pregnant black women kills two officers with a butter knife….

    Huh? A damn shame!

    How many people have to keep dieing needlessly before the killer cops get exterminated off the FORCE!

    Meaning that the good cops should have a way of reporting this sorta of behavior… attitude… or rhetoric to higher ups or a tip line or citizen based committee to expose and eliminate potential murderous cops!


    Paid leave on top of this! WOW….

    This some ??? on top of ????!

    I'm moving on…

    One Love…

  6. Mental health issues, family knows it, alone with children, she didn't deserve to die, more than cops to blame here.

  7. Stupid nigger cunt. Should have listened to the police! And she should have been picking cotton instead of keeping her filthy legs wide open!

  8. want to live.. do not pull a weapon on police.. if you are blaming police for her actions then you are further damaging the black community.. as they seem to have little to no self-control when dealing with police… this woman was a fucking tard..

    dear black people just follow police orders and you will not die… if you resist.. and pull a weapon or attack a cop… or reach for a gun.. the cop will fucking shoot u..

  9. There are more that 1.1 million cops in the us out of all of that about 200 are absolute trash yet black people and white people are calling for the destruction of the Police system because out of 1 million about 200 did bad. You people are exactly the same as those who call all Bkack people criminals because they're responsible for the majority of certain crimes with a disproportionate population. You people are disgusting. Call the shit cops out but to label them as all bad and having that sentiment when confronting them will only result in more violence.


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