President Trump: ‘I will be very offended’ if Obamacare Isn’t Repealed and Replaced



  1. "Very good people, very hard, very bad, very angry, very upset, failed experiment, totally gone"

    And again we learn absolutely nothing…

    I can not get used to the United States president talking like this. You can train a parrot to say these things and sound smarter saying them.

  2. We have the best president. I love his moxie and love for this nation Trump, 2020. You have loyal supporters in Southern California, Mr. President .?

  3. there's no right words for betrayal, cowardice, and selfishness. i have to wonder what prayer and meditation is like for Brother Roberson. much similar to that of Brother Gantry I suppose. Mt 7:22, Ps 10.

  4. Why is Gollum interviewing Trump?

    Unless it's because they have a similarly expansive vocabulary.

    Very bad interview, very, very bad. Sad.

  5. Thank you for your diligence. Please Mr. President stop fracking. If you don't there will be no clean water. PLEASE STOP FRACKING.

  6. When the interview was over Pat squatted Bob Mueller, snapped him like a communion wafer and anointed Trump the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church. Trump is the most pious man to have walked the corridors of Trump Tower or a Miss Universe dressing room.

  7. President Trump should be. Our healthcare is a sham and now its forced on us. This was a big issue and why many elected him into office.  I wish them the best of luck. Healthcare is not an easy one to fix.

  8. get ready for an angry president…pathetic joke
    In year 2100 ppl will still be wonderin how such a narcissistic lying business show man could have gotten so far back then.

  9. 35.00 Dollars per week per is very affordable. My company's insurance comes to around 100.00 Dollars per week. There is no way I can afford that, not even for "1" of my family members. President Trump, please help!

  10. So refreshing to have a president adhering to the Constitutional role of the "President" and respect separation of powers. Not to make law. No to right legislation. Not to whip votes like his predecessors. Ask Congress. Let them write and pass the law. Then sign it. "Waiting for senators to give it to me". Absolutely right

  11. Wow, two of the men I loath most in the world in the same shot.

    One a fake make of the people and the other a fake man of god.

    Two frauds for the price of one.


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