Initial sum earmarked for land and steel purchases for barrier along Mexican border, a key 2016 electoral promise for the president.…
READ MORE : http://www.euronews.com/2018/02/09/president-trump-puts-in-3-billion-budget-request-to-begin-wall

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  1. See if I was gonna build it I'd have sections of it as functional. So youhave troop barracks and toxic waste storage and stuff – anything you can use a lot of concrete for (except nuclear – Jesus, you don't want nuclear stuff near the border)…. (or any kind of prison)….
    I'm thinking marble and onyx, Romanesque style wall facing inwards and perhaps some kind of spikey rivet-covered dystopian fortress style Mexico-facing. Perhaps some gargoyles on the top?
    Oh and a moat… filled with dolphins or something. : )

  2. RuSSia hacked the USA destroyed the Democratic process in an act of war never seen before.lets eat some burritos and Build the wall……unbelievable ?


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