Anger continues to develop over the Grenfell Tower catastrophe, as protesters have stormed Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall in anger calling for justice of the victims. Sky’s Enda Brady experiences.

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  1. does any really know how many people actually escaped and are alive whether in hospital or not? also if 600 people lived in the tower where are they?
    I seriously feel the authoritys are not telling us the truth of the people who are killed.

  2. About time we had some protests and riots. It's all on their heads. The toffee nosed pigs just don't listen. All they think about is their back pockets.

    Chuck the traitorous swines out. Greedy load of corrupt, pretentious rats. No doubt there'll be full blown riots next. About time, I say. They're long overdue.

    Like come on, £10 million (so they say) and no proper working fire alarms and sprinkler system? In stead, just put up a load of plastic and have a 'stay put' system in place? The flat was already a bomb waiting to go off.

    Should have left the flat as it was. But no doubt a few toffs were moaning that it didn't look fancy enough.

    All this mucking about with elections left right and centre doesn't help too.

    It's happening everywhere. Cuts, cuts, cuts. Yet MPs are still receiving pay rises, can still give billions abroad and can still poncy up Buckingham palace. Wake up.

  3. None off these politicians know nothing about building work. Yet they talk as if they been doing it all there lifes. I think it is time politicians listen to the working class , And stop all this nudging people into boxes and trying to bully people, The same as the town hall and councils , All liars .Time to call the PEOPLS WORLD ORDER .And get ridd of these false politicians .

  4. They are right.
    There was so much wrong with the flat.
    Criminals has played with their lives.
    This is the bill.

  5. How much did these people pay for their accommodation? If they wanted better improvements, these people should have paid more. Or were they getting accommodation paid for free by hard working taxpayers like me?


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