Russian President Vladimir Putin stated he’s prepared to absorb former FBI Director James Comey within the wake of Comey’s testimony earlier than the Senate Intelligence Committee about his interactions with President Donald Trump, offering proof within the committee’s investigation into accusations of collusion between the Trump’s marketing campaign and the Kremlin through the 2016 presidential election. In his remarks, Putin in contrast Comey to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. RT’s Daniel Hawkins has extra.

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  1. Comey is, of course, a well known Russian double agent, unnamed US officials concede.

    (See how easy it is to lie!)

  2. Right, now we know where Manafort, Kushner, Page, Pence, Sessions, and Trump will end up when the investigation get just a little bit further. Probably just waiting for Flynn or Manafort to roll over on this administration of deplorables. SAD and WRONG

  3. Why would Comey need asylum? He's a private citizen who's done nothing wrong. Leaking information through intermediaries is a long standing tradition world wide, and it were not done broadband without regard for consequence. Putin 'Muddy Waters' Alexandrovich should consider playing his blues harp elsewhere one might suggest.

  4. Has Putting all this time been Donald Trump's understudy?  Is he secretly coveting a position as chief celebrity of "The Apprentice?"  I think that he would be great at it, don't you?

  5. Putin will no longer be able to support Trump (by suggesting Comey would need the help of the Kremlin). Read Dostoijevski or Tolstoj and you will understand this move of the most inteligent contemporain leader.

    To the Donald: we are being kind; we leave the choice to you. You can either resign or YOU WILL HANG!

  6. Putin is of course a KGB thug and a criminal. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He threatened that if the US attacks Syria again we're at war but wants to be our friend. He lied about invading Ukraine, about Syria's gas attack, about all of Syria's chemical weapons being destroyed. Between the sanctions and low oil prices his economy is a shambles and only getting worse. He has his political opponents imprisoned or assassinated. His government interfered in our election. He isn't getting the reaction he hoped for. America is not afraid of him. The US won't remove the sanctions until he leaves Ukraine including Crimea. Things look very bad for Russia?


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