President Trump and Russian President Putin are each on vacation. Putin is in Siberia and Trump is at his golf membership in New Jersey.



  1. If Trump went shirtless for a photoshoot, he would look like a beached whale…Putin is a Million times the man Trump is…

  2. Oh how I wish Putin would take over Europe and lead Europe and its people to a far greater future than we currently have where we are heading off a cliff! I have no idea what American congress is on in its war on Russia, but if its anything like the rest of Western governments, they certainly don't serve the interest of American people so I guess their orders come from their globalist masters. God bless Putin and the people of Russia.

  3. Putin is Trumps Maser! Trump cowers in the presence of his God Putin! Trump is a cowardly Bitch who only fights back against the weak and Women (Which HE perceives as Weak) Which HE really is! What a Butt Hurt Wimp!!!

  4. Stay tuned tomorrow morning where you will see it here first as CNN breaks the news on what Trump and Putin had for breakfast.

  5. And in real news; The Dow Jones closed Friday with an all time record high and unemployment dipped to a 16 year low just before the commander and chief of the free world President "Donald Trump" went on a well deserved vacation.

  6. President Trump and Russian President Putin are both on vacation.
    What does this mean in the opinion of CNN?
    This means Trump the Kremlin puppet!

  7. Ivana Trump once said Donald is a Premature Ejaculator. Now he suffers from Impotency! Unless He is with Putin – because he loves to PUT IN his ass PUTIN'S Dick! Get it??? LOL! Putin the Anal Assassin! Ass Ass In!

  8. Putin sunbathes on vacation! Beautiful Russian Far-East, and Siberia, whose land is that vast resource-rich territory anyway? Google 'Asians Pirates and Bears/China Daily' for honest truth.


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