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Music video by R5 performing Hurts Good. (C) 2017 Hollywood Records, Inc.




  1. I love everything about this. But i keep replaying the two girls kissing lol. Love is Love! ? They've grown so much and feel like they're their selves more. So proud :') they all look hot ?

  2. Okay is it just me or does this whole band, especially Ross, have this laid-back chill vibe to them which makes them 1000x's more attractive

  3. I understand everyone’s opinions on here, but honestly it’s the band’s choice wether who they want and when they want. This was a wonderful video, if anything I rather Courtney be with Ross..would’ve made it a little more interesting?, but Ross hasn’t really ever been in a video by himself besides Austin and Ally, I think it was outstanding but I agree with some of the comments.

  4. I♥ Ross

  5. I was here 100 % to watch the video because I've heard the song and I haven't seen the video but yet I ended up just scrolling through the comments this happen to anyone else ?

  6. Every time u make a new video it's always my favorite thing ever! But I love Vanni and I love that she amen riekr were in this together but was Courtney just away at the time or are her and Ross over? If so I hope they're both doing ok though


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