A major forest fire sweeping through central Portugal has led to no less than 57 fatalities, with 59 extra folks injured, Interior Ministry official Jorge Gomes mentioned, including that many have been burnt to dying of their vehicles whereas making a determined try and flee.

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  1. This is what happens when rabbid capitalism destroys the native forests in order to plant Eucalyptus trees, people die, ecosystems are obliterated.
    Now all we need is to import more immigrants from cultures that don't want to adapt to our country and absolutely destroy our great Nation of Portugal.

  2. If there are no lightning strikes and there are multiple fires going up at different places its almost certain that an arsonist(s) is involved.

  3. Its unfucking believable that Portugal spent billions in buying submarines and doesnt invest in forest fire prevention like airplanes and helicopters. Portugal is a great country but is stinking with corruption at the highest level!

  4. What preventive measures portugal have? Why does the authority for national forest delegate services to the "civil protection" in the summer instead of complying with the law updated last year? why there are companys like "PensarTerritório, Lda" and "Primelayer, Unip. Lda" winning contracts in the thousands of euros payed by the public for "administrative modernization"? What i dont see is propper investigation, either own investigations or journalistic… this is all plublished online… took me just over an hour to to see it CLEARLY….

  5. Bush fires happen, but you're lack of prevention and preperation is what killed. Hold your governments accountable.

  6. Portugal is under the wrath, anger, judgment and righteous indignation of The Holy One of Yisrael for enslaving His people.

  7. Religion of peace strikes again but this time not richest European Countries it is in Portugal, Very very Poor Country.

  8. jesus fucking christ anyone here saying that this was a muslim doing shut the fuck up, Im Portuguese, this happens every year although this fire is more serious and aggressive than most Ive seen ravaging my beloved country


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