Tune-in for the top of the Season 2 and watch the very best groups on this planet going through one another for $237,500 and the Pro League Champions title alongside some superb panels and reveal concerning the new operation.

Save the date : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xT7wXQaQTaM&list=PLFfHUaPClTza1zpim1YUu8ez0WJ_sylzF

More details about the Finals: www.rainbow6.com/esports
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  1. We're getting operation blood orching the leaks were real and we know what the map looks like this looks like a good season!

  2. The new female operator will have the ability to hear sounds easier with arrows animated on the screen pointing to where they come from.

  3. The instance where you see the op from the back and then the face might not be the same ops. One moment no shoulder pad the next moment there is one.

  4. I was fucking playing ranked and then this modafoka game server kiked me out of the modafoka Mach and then I Losted everything


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