I made a decision to recreate Kim Kardashian’s 5 minute make-up routine whereas supplying you with guys a primary impression overview on the brand new KKW Contour & Highlight package! Hope you take pleasure in xo

Here’s Kim’s tutorial that I recreated (simply realized it is on YouTube and never simply her app!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QvgzfNzHbY

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NYX Translucent HD Finishing Powder http://bit.ly/2e7Copx
MAC Skin Finish in Give Me Sun
Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit in Glow Getter
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  1. The second you took off your make up I was SHOOK, how is your body that much darker than your face? Oh my goodness

  2. I never understand why when applying self tanner, no one ever applies it to the face. It's like you can't leave the house without makeup because you look crazy..smh

    on another note, I'm so glad you haven't fallen into the trap like everyone else and ran down to get lip fillers..you are naturally gorgeous!

  3. Based on all the areas these are used for, these won't last too long. She should have made each of these separate so there would have been more product of each. Especially for the heavy price tag.

  4. OMG GIRL!! #26 on trending right now!! You should be soooooooooo proud of yourself Amy!! That's sooooooooo amazing!! Congratulations for making it on the trending list!!???? Sending love to ya from Indiana!! ??????

  5. small size doesn't mean it couldn't have been longer, thus more product and probably a more stable product that wouldn't break.

  6. Y'all goofy her review was the same as everyone else's , the only bad reviews were only the Matte highlight as well as the sponge. She stated that she wasn't fond of both the sponge and Matte highlight, so please elaborate on how she's kissing Kim's ass… She didn't say anything different then what any other blogger said.

  7. You should do a video on your favorite lashes!! I have a similar eye shape and I want lashes like yours !

  8. You kind of looked like her by the end of this

    I know that these comments are annoying but I'd love it if anyone checked my videos out. I posted my first few videos a few days ago and I really would love it if anyone checked it out. I know it's not perfect but I needed to start somewhere. Thank you so much!

  9. Ehhh!! how do you walk around with such an orange body and your face like that?? yikes.
    Also, you didn't recreate anything. I've seen her video several times and you didn't just use her stuff???

  10. Tyra's contour sticks are twice the size at half the cost. Tyra's makeup is a 5 minute solution too. Kim just copied Tyra, but I haven't tried either. i may order Tyra's. I can't support the Kardashian clan.

  11. Love your brows! Wish you didn't use foundation and shape tape with it, just to see how it'd turn out, but I understand that you had to match your face to your body.

  12. So is this a must buy? Was there anything unique about the formula? Could I recreate this with a different set? Th kas.

  13. why weren't you honest about the product breaking? it looks like you're trying to hide that part, which makes you look like your lying about it, I'm so disappointed ?

  14. I was scrolling past this and thought her and Kim were the exact same person on the thumbnail… she's gorgeous ?


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