LSV takes on the new format in a Rivals queue on Magic Online!
Match 1: 13:54
Match 2: 35:26
Match 3: 46:20



  1. While I think tha the mistbinder was the correct pick for th deck, I think that perhaps the uncommon merfolk lord could have wheeled, while the 30$ one isnt. We knew that blue was open, and green, not so much, but you already took most of the merfolks of pact 1.

  2. The mana seems horrible in this format, by far the worst part about block limited is mana screw. I think the Dual land is definitely the pick, when you have multicolor 2 drops and such, and you want to be casting your spells on curve.

  3. Wow I think I'm gonna stop watching if you keep up the high-pressure sales techniques on these videos.

    Way to fucking ruin great content.

  4. Blazing Hope lol. Saw someone make the argument that in the games you lose, it would get to pull its weight. If that had been a relevant spell earlier, it may have helped turn the tide, but nope. Even 1 mana removal can be too little too late.

  5. you take kumena there all day and the lord wheels lol kumena is huge and do so much with just 3 merfolk out :/ seems terrible

  6. why didn't you attack with the river darter in game one? There were so many times when he was tapped out and he only had up his 3/3 merfolk

  7. You put yourself dead on board, but opponent missed the counterattack at 24:30 in match 1. If they make chumps with everything but Sun-Collared Raptor and untap their 7/7 with the enrage trigger, they get to pump +9/+0 and swing back for exactly 17.

  8. Not sure how i feel about not attacking with the 3/4 can't be blocked by dinosaurs when opponent's only non-dinosaur creature was a 3/3

  9. G1 you put yourself dead on board with that all out attack if opponent blocked a 4/4 with the 2/5, untaped the 7/7, chumped the rest of the high powered card with everything but a raptor, cracked back pumping the raptor 3 times

  10. Swole guardian. It always nice when UG is one of the stronger archtypes in limited.

    Also I would have taken Kumena because UG can backdoor into ascend synergies which a lot of merfolk cards support – plus 4 toughness is gas.

  11. Game 1 match 1 you put yourself dead on board. He could have chumped with all but one raptor. Untap the 7/7 and pump the raptor to a 10/2 for a lethal attack!


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