*SPOILER ALERT from Episode on 11/8 * In tonight’s episode of Riverdale, Cheryl dealt with a very serious situation involving sexual assault. This topic is something that really hits home for me, and I felt it was important to address the issue and provide resources… So I made this PSA. You are stronger than you know! Go to GetThePowerBack.Org  and reclaim your future. And a big thanks to Biore for helping me share this message.

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  1. This is a serious topic and should be addressed properly, thank you for speaking up about this , you truly are an inspiration and a great role model, ilysm!!

  2. This is so great, Madelaine. Thank you for using your position of influence for something good. Riverdale is doing such great things. Even when it deals with lots of dramatic things, there's truth behind the stories it tells. Thank you

  3. That scene in Riverdale was when the pussycats saved Cheryl was everything to me I literally cried of joy and sadness


    Ok so last EP we figured out that Betty’s Mom was a serpent. Now this piece of information is soooooo important. Ok so most of you know tallboy.? The serpent with long hair and green eyes. Well there’s also something else rather then just green eyes. If you look at his jacket in his right where his heart is, you can see a gray zipper. Well what does that have to do with anything? LOOK back at the time when the black hood was running out of Pops and you’ll see he had the same zipper? Coincidence? I think not. That’s already two facts to prove my theory could be right. Now to tie it all in with Betty’s Mom. what if…. that’s Betty’s real Dad. Ok yes this one could be far fetched but we already know Betty’s family likes to keep important secrets, especially “FAMILY” secrets. Like how their cousins with Cheryl’s family. So I’d be safe to assume Betty’s Dad (forgot his name) isn’t her real Dad but it’s Tall boy. I say tallboy and Betty’s Mom had a relationship had Polly, but then something incident happened which cause Betty’s Mom to go to jail. Then Betty’s Dad or (step dad if this theory is right) got her out of jail and she fell in love with him, and it could also clear up her reputation so she decided to leave the serpents. But she then found out she was having another kid (betty) which is actually tallboys. This could also be why Black hood doesn’t care about killing Polly and instead chose Betty to talk to out of everyone in riverdale. Or tallboy doesn’t have to be biological dad and instead just had a relationship with Betty’s Mom when she was a serpent. Thoughts?

    (Also heard how it could be Betty’s long lost brother which sounds good to me too)

  5. Thank you soo much for this. Thank you

    One of my close friends was abused and she did not want me to do anything about it and now the guy that did this to her is still out there girls be aware of your surroundings and stay safe

  6. you are so pretty I've got a Question can you guy's do a before Jason dies video buy I'm such a big fan of Riverdale my milkshake brings all
    the boy's to the bar

  7. this is such an important topic, and I'm so happy that the world is finally talking about it. it's about time we stop telling girls and boys to always protect themselves and start telling sexual predators to stop what ever the fuck they're doing and it's about time we stand up to them. no one is alone in this fight. let's fight for better days ?


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