Link to Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/715646038/Egg-Hunt-2017-The-Lost-Eggs

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  1. Anyone know where the three levers are for the Faster than Light egg? I've found the two by the Eggverse Egg and the vent things to get to the EGG9000 Egg, but I just can't find the third one.

  2. On the futuristic map, there is a switch when you climb the stairwell to the rocket. Instead of climbing it, drop down and flip the switch where there's a broken robot. Flip the switch outside of the observatory. Then, there is a switch near glowing green mushrooms. Go from the flipped over APC to the EGG 9000 cave, take a right at the cave and keep following that path until you get to it. The Faster than Light Egg awaits.

  3. Roblox, When I Clicked on the egg hunt game, I went to this place where it was all white
    I Left the game and tried again, But it was still white
    What happened???

  4. Like where is the location now sense this roblox I'm not bout to cuss but if it was not and it was normal YouTube I would be having like 1,000 cuss words

  5. Dear. Roblox Can You Put andriod Plz I cant play it on my andriod tablet and my sis wont let me borrow her loptop Plz make it with Tablet mode

  6. Last years egg hunt was rushed, this ones just buggy. Like you can't send party invites or even join your friends. Its good for meeting new people, but still kinda sad about not being able to join your friends.

  7. lazy Roblox won't make vids without getting money for it so when you get so many cash get a better support and fire your monkeys that have premade answers

  8. I cant even invite my friends or check my eggs on Xbox One. Please fix this, its very hard to get eggs that require more than 1 person.


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