Roy Halladay appeared to be hot doggin’ it in his plane in the moments before his crash — making extreme and unusual changes in altitude … this according to multiple witnesses.
TMZ Sports has obtained footage shot by boaters who say the ex-MLB star’s plane was going from 100 feet in the air down to 5 feet and then back up again … repeatedly.

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  1. I honestly can say I would have jumped in. 99% chance was dead anyway but I definitely would have tried. No real danger of trying.

  2. MLB》哈勒戴墜機 目擊者指他危險駕駛




  3. i sorry but im so mad that they didnt grab him out and try to do cpr ive heard of people being underwater for 15 minutes and getting cpr and they lived i really love roy he was an amazing huan being just wish he didnt love planes i kno they are fun but its so dangerous even 40 year experience pilots crash he was showboating for sure but still that plane is faulty i hope his wife is ok

  4. Do people know this plane was amphibious!it could land on water. All i see is a pilot practicing his water landing. Mayby he hit something or the water was too shallow or pilot error but all seem normal

  5. Such a shame. I was fortunate enough to meet Doc in his first season with the Phillies. Couldn't of been a nicer guy. I'll always have fond memories of the six times we were lucky enough to be in the park with him on the mound. Thanks, Doc. RIP.

  6. what a dip shit this guy is with the camera.. "Oh my god bro! Oh my garrrd man!!" Fucking idiot, shut your gob and get your ass in the water to see if somebody is still alive.

  7. two suggestions for the young men who were taking the video;
    1. Stop with all the profanity. It doesn't reflect well on you.
    2. Put down the blasted phone! Why not dive in and see if there is a survivor?

  8. Roy held both a multi and instrument ratings with around 800hrs. Its clear from the video he decided to do a joy ride in this airplane and bit off more than he could handle. He was perfectly legal to fly that low over water provided there were not boats below him, but he did not have experience with aggressive low level maneuvers. What he was doing was not 'practice' water landings. A landing is done by flying  a square box pattern with descent on final as you touch down on the water. He was doing dives down to the deck and zoom-climbs back up, followed by near wing-over turns. I'm willing to bet money he stalled it in the turn, or did a zoom climb without sufficient energy (speed), to get high enough at the apex of the turn so that when he dove back down by the time he had airspeed to pull back up he smashed nose first into the water. Unfortunately, Roys father is an airline pilot and will probably question in his mind why his son was so reckless that day for the rest of his life. The airplane itself is one of the first – EVER – to pass the FAA stall/spin test standards. I strongly believe the aerodynamics are extremely sound., but the marketing of ICON makes it seem like you can just do "anything you want" to the A5 because it has an AoA indicator and spin safety. "It's a like a car and a jet ski!"  It's an airplane, and it demands respect. Roy seemed genuinely excited to take ownership of his plane and to help out an aircraft company in the process. What a needless loss, I hope he did not have a passenger on board.

  9. hey, its about to crash, so turn off the cam? I wanna see the impact, the splash…..leave it to another baseball player to screw up aviation for all pilots…..we must make new regs

  10. At least he didn't have a family member or other innocent person in the seat next to him .
    Death perception is much more difficult over water then overland .?Experienced pilots recognize this fact .He was naive and immature and that is what killed him .

  11. May you rest in peace you will always be remembered my me I am a true blue jays fan I am in fact Canadian we love u Roy u are history and Canada's best pitcher may you watch over all of us bluejay fans?

  12. Hell, if I had a plane I'd be doing some occasional crazy stuff too. And ironically enough, the 2nd most dangerous past time is operating an ocean-going vessel. First reponders in this case. Danger, danger everywhere. You could be hit waiting at the bus stop. Sometimes you just got to live a little close to the edge.

  13. Its Called ( HOT DOGING IT ) Operating OUT side the Aircraft's Recovery Abilities ## TOTALLY Completely inexperienced Pilot ## In SHORT he Killed him self believing He was a BETTER Pilot ### WRONG SO WRONG ## REALLY SORRY for his wife

  14. CLASSIC Case of Buckets of Money and Believing your Bullet PROOF #######  WRONG ###### (( IDIOT )) Nothing here to Investigate Pilot (( ERROR ))  100%

  15. Did that guy on the boat taking the video get to the plane crash before anyone else? Like before any type of rescue crew? If so why the fuck did they not try to find the people in the plane that crashed? I don't know exactly what happened so that's why I'm asking.

  16. Maybe instead of rich boys out in daddy's boat, they should of gone to school and expanded their vocabulary. Roy probably crashed cause he knew the future contained too many stupid people like the guys that filmed this.


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