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Russell Westbrook may sit out the remaining video games this final week of the common season, truly, he may play and register all zeroes and nonetheless common a triple-double over the course of the 2016-2017 season. This is the primary since Oscar Robertson, a report that many thought couldn’t be damaged. The case for Westbrook’s MVP is there, whereas three different candidates have put collectively nearly equally spectacular campaigns.

Colin Cowherd Think Russell Westbrook Is…
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  1. Harden is putting up similar numbers and his team is locked at 3rd seed, just because Westbrook is averaging a triple double that makes him the MVP? no, the mvp is usually given to the player who is having an outstanding season with their team top 3 in the conference, so harden is the Mvp

  2. James Harden is MVP! All those teams Westbrook had to comeback on Harden blew them out. Not to mention Westbrook gets beat by all the good teams. James Harden is 1.9 rebounds away from averaging a triple double. Not to mention Westbrook is going to be the 6th seed, The "MVP" can't even get a top 4 seed?

  3. 32 ppg 10 reb 10 assts a game. He is like 06 Kobe, trash team, but try everything to win and is clutch asf. He has that Kobe drive and is for me on that level. Also bevaus ehe is clutch time and time again. Once in a lifetime player. Clearly MVP

  4. i dont think people are under standing. MVP means Most Valuable Player not best player on a really good team, not best player in the league. Somebody on the fucking Nets or Magic could get the mvp if they play well enough. WB is much more valuable to the Thunder than Harden is to the Rockets. Any other year I'd say Harden, not this time

  5. For me, he has one last check mark to get. Beat the Rockets in the 1st round and then hands down he should be the 2nd unanimous MVP

  6. Wait so when curry won in 2015, his team had more wins even though harden had better numbers and was 2nd seed, right behind the warriors. This year people are projecting Westbrook to win because he has better numbers with a WORSE record. It's not like he's even in 4th seed, he's 6th seed while the rockets are in 3rd seed. Y'all are backwards lol

  7. I hate when people say LeBron should get the MVP every year. In the past seasons, he hasn't had better regular seasons than the other candidates. who cares if he is having great seasons year after year.

  8. MVP should be looked at like this: what player in the NBA would improve the worst team the most. Also they should look at how much their team would be affected if they lost that player. Harden has so many pieces and shooters around him where it makes it a lot easier to average those numbers. On the other hand Russ has 1 or 2 reliable shooters at best on his team. He has to be way more aggressive in order to find teammates and suck in the d. Harden will obviously get more assists if he always has 2-3 shooters on the floor the whole game. Lebron should probably always win MVP just because of how much he changes a team. No discussion really needed for him. If it weren't for historic seasons and 2 years where the votes didn't go his way (rose Durant ) he should have the last 10 MVP trophies. Finally kawhi Leonard, although arguably the best 2 way player in the league, his stats just can't matchup to the other candidates. He averages less assists points and rebounds than all the other front runners and it hurts him to have a great coach like pop that makes many players look good. Isaiah Thomas is a distant 5th. His season seemed great with being a prolific 4th quarter scorer but here at the end of the season he seems to be slumping a little and the other candidates are on fire. However claiming the one spot in the east can highten his case but will certainly not be enough the win MVP for him.

  9. regardless of what harden is doing russel is having a HISTORIC season that will last the test of time. harden is just having a really good season.

  10. The thunder team is literally made up of a group of players comparable to the nets + russell westbrook. This man needs the fucking mvp.

  11. it still baffles my mind how people think harden should get it over westbrook. You can't compare a good season to a HISTORIC one. Westbrook locked that mvp already

  12. Westbrook if he does not get does not get robbed. He most likely wil not even get OKC to the fourth seed. That is no MVP Harden should win it, Westbrook Dick riders just deal with it

  13. Anybody else pooping right now? Like this if you are pooping. I am having such a good poop at this moment. It's a little hard but I'm ok. Don't worry guys.

  14. In general, I think the triple double stat itself is too scrutinized, but his stat line of averaging a triple double is insane. His productivity for his position and the response to KD leaving for GS is legendary. Harden has been career great, but not like Brodie.

  15. MVP Means Most Valuable Player. Westbrook is having a good season. Houston & San Antonio. Are winning because there stars makes their teammates better. When your shooting 30 times a game & every one else is getting 8 shots it's Easy.

  16. I've been on the Westbrook MVP bandwagon since Durant announced his departure.
    I knew he'd be a beast, but holy crap he's been unreal.


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