FBN’s Lou Dobbs on President Trump’s possible interview with special counsel Robert Mueller and why Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation is corrupt.



  1. Not to mention human trafficking and stealing all the money from Haiti, selling watered down AIDS drugs, Benghazi, Clinton Body Count, 9/11, cocaine smuggling, weapons smuggling, selling classified information, stealing nomination from Bernie, and on and on.

  2. Dobbs, I love your news, you're always right on, you share it with integrity and a little flare… THIS WAS THE BEST SUMMARY OF WHAT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED!!??????????????????

  3. Watch this carefully, trade with Russia should be encouraged but new lines need to be drawn where interference into US politics is concerned.

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  5. It is stupid to sit down w/ a prosecutor or FBI when you may be charged w/ the crime of lying to them, tho no other crime exists.

  6. All of this nonsense is so obvious. It has been reported that Ryan and other RHINOS took money from Clinton to help destroy President Trump. Ryan and McMconnell need to be recalled and charged for sedition against a sitting president. They both need to be gone from the public scene once and for all. Quite frankly I dont care how. At least not illegally.
    Semper Fi

  7. Lou sounds really stupid trying to say the Russian government was colluding with Obama. Putin hates Obama. The GOP and its supporters seem to look for ways to lose.

  8. You mean a meeting for Mueller to grovel don’t you? He’s not exactly coming to Trump in a position of power! All Russia did was take advantage of all those who were in a position of authority to act upon their greed. Do you really believe Trump is this weak? Is Guantanamo open for business yet?

  9. Mueller spent several $$$million dollars of tax payers' money to disrupt a legitimately elected president and came up noting on the witch hunt. Now the collusion in between FBI and DOJ became abundantly clear. Mueller should apologize to the entire nation, instead of talking to the Trump team. What is there to talk about???

  10. I will Bet that all the FBI AGENTS on these new investigations are all Hillary supporters hand picked by Rosenstein and McCabe.

  11. Ummm….the witch hunt has burned 2 witches at the stake – Flynn and George P. There are also two witches tide to a stake and Mueller is piling some gas over their heads. One witch has provided Mueller damning information on someone within the Whitehouse in exchange for leniency.

    Now that's a lot of witches….from "I don't know of any russians" to "ok, i know a lot of russians." LOL!

    All this witch burning is causing global warming.

    Shit up, Dobbs. You haven't even put your socks on straight.

  12. What fake news, what total bullshit! Imagine, those of the republican race twisting and skewing the facts to suit their lies, and placate that part of the voting populace that voted a criminal into office! Not don the con, who slept with and played pocket pool with the russkies, no, now it's Bill and Hillary. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Just wait, the curtain Will, Shall, come down on this abortion of American leadership. Donnie, your time is nigh.

  13. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! She colluded to have damning information released AGAINST her and she LOST! Man, Fox News does not care how far they sink into Hell. On well, this administration will all be over soon

  14. Why is it Fox News resided to acknowledged that Russia could have interfered in the election until they found some way to somehow pin it on Clinton?

  15. I have a question, why do they call themselves FOX News? It should Deplorable News Network DNN for the those idiots who believe this shit!

  16. Funny Uranium One was Debunked on FOX News! Butt please for all the dipshit deplorables, bring it up again. And PizzaGate and and and her Emails! Hillary was so DEPLORABLES!

  17. Does Lou Dobbs suck POTUS cock for free or does he pay for it? There once was a man named Dobbs in love with a Trump, who gave it up often for (corn) cobs and a hump. Sad.


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