Russia threatens to deal with US jets in Syria as targets after the US shot down a Syrian warplane. CNN’s Barbara Starr reviews.



  1. So, let me get this straight. A Fighter of a sovereign country, operating within its sovereignty to defend its homeland gets shot down by a foreign aircraft operating inside its airspace? HHmmmmmm

  2. siria debe ganar la guerra ….. dejen de matar vidas inocentes … estados unidos se hace el inocente …. deberían dejar de meter sus narices en donde nadie le llamooo

  3. Putin and Russia r acting like Zionists puppets, the U.S. continues to sanction, falsely accuse and commit acts of war against Russia, even flat out in ur face support of terrorists and Russia continues to " work with the U.S. " ?

  4. So there is some problems with what I just heard. The "pro-syrian" forces attacked "US backed forces ". ????!!!!….The syrians are fighting ISIS and other anti syrian government rebels. If ….IIIIIFFFFFF…the "US backed Forces" were the target, then who are these forces that the US is backing? IS the US fighting ISIS or the Syrian government. Then the report says that the jet dropped bombs and then the US Jet shot it down in "Self Defense " …dropping bombs on the ground is not a threat to the jet in the air. In addition this report says that the US says that priority must be given to the US backed forces ground offensive. Well, that doesnt make sense because Air power is what wins wars and this has been demonstrated. If you have air power and your enemy doesnt this seems like the easiest advantage to exploit. In addition if the US is not using air power why was there an US fighter jet in the area to shoot down the syrian jet. Also, the syrian jet dropped a bomb in syria and the un invited US shot them down. WTF.

  5. Hey, wait a second!  I thot that Trump was Putin's puppet?    You mean CNN lied?  Oh lordy.

    CNN = fake news.

  6. you scum lords still pumping out fake news? actually we already know the answer to that. lol it's hilarious watching you crumble.

  7. We should just stay out of the Middle East because maybe those places are not worth changing and saving due to terrorists and Isis

  8. Lying CNN, Syrian plane was bombing ISIS while US shot it down. US did not contact Russians. USA is ISIS airforce. It was time that Russians start shooting down all ISIS air force = US & ISrael. Fuck terrorist USA. USA is illegally in Syria, USA is breaking international law, USA is breaking all laws of sovereign country Syria. SHOOT DOWN US ISIS PLANES. Kill those US ISIS terrorists. Its time, lets go Syria, lets go Russia, lets go Iran, lets go Palestine, lets go Hamas! Fuck terrorist USA.

  9. USA do nothing but kill civilians in the Middle East you fat ass Americans just watch CNN AND FOX and think you no it all you're all a bunch of fucking pet monkeys that are being controlled by your government you don't think for your selfs.


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