Connor Powell experiences from Jerusalem



  1. The US is fighting along with the terrorists. Russia will destroy all terrorists and their sponsors and allies.

  2. Putin raises the threat level as part of his strategic plan to probe US defenses and fighting ability. He knows Trump is not an ineffectual leader like Obama, but how far Trump will be willing to go in such a scenario is something Putin needs to know. Blaming the United States for shooting down a Syrian jet is part of Putin's blame game to up the ante for his worst case scenario of all out nuclear war. The U.S. response to these provocative moves will dictate the tenor of U.S.-Russian relations in this particular theater.

  3. Jeezuz fucking Christ! Stop shooting down Syrian jets. Assad is NOT the enemy. ISIS is. STOP pissing off Russia!
    This comes from me, a staunch Trump supporter. Except in this case.
    Face palm.
    The Syrians were NOT bombing any US troops. They were bombing questionable mad Muzzies that WE armed. NEVER a good idea to arm Muzzies. Like that always works out great. Huh?

  4. WE CONDEMN!!!!

  5. Anyone else think it's funny that when Fox News does an anti Russian story, all the usual commenters who support Fox, all of a sudden seem to be against them?

    очевидный 🙂

  6. meh,they condemned Turkey for killing a Russian pilot,within 30 days Putin was shaking Turkey officials hands,Russia is weak,fuck their condemnation,tell Putin to wash his hands before he cowers down this time around,our officials expect clean hands MFer.

  7. More American blood on there hands. You fuckin Americans have damaged and destabalized every region of the world and have constantly interferred with politics of other nations. Hope Trump cleans up the bullshit and really puts American first instead of spreading globalist cancer.

  8. “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” – Plato

    "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." – Edmund Burke

    "Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing." – Stuart Mill

    Have you called or written your Congressman? This is our money being spent in support of a terrorist organization inside the borders of a foreign country. Worse, we've injected our own forces without consent and have directly engaged the sovereign military forces…

    This is appalling…

  9. We should just stay out of the Middle East entirely. Maybe that is one country that cannot be saved or changed due to Isis and terrorists

  10. what i don't like about this whole thing is that the US is becoming the new tyrant dictator. no one is going to respect a tyrant dictator, no matter which way you want to drop the dice. if you want positive results then do positive actions, if you want the world to hate you and attack you, then go ahead down the failed road you are going on. either way, earn your results, positive or negative.
    russia condemning the us = a negative diplomatic result.

  11. I thought it was a big red flag that Secretary of Defense Mattis attended this years Globalist meeting, Bilderberg. Was this attack under his command or approval?


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