S7 Fnatic Analyst: Wolle

The new bonus XP mechanic creates a new path for fastest lvl4 in the jungle. Look out for it in LCS!

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  1. If people start doing that, I look forward to how enemies react to it.
    Staying level 1 for so long potentially makes you more vulnerable to the counterjungling. (let's say enemy goes Red to your blue)
    Or (what I believe) because of not getting level 2 early, if you proceed to later clear the other camps, you may end up with lower HP than without it (although higher level) so it may potentially be harder to gank something (wouldn't matter for champs with great sustain probably or if you get a proper leash).

  2. Hunters machete , skilling E lvl 2 so youre more healthy afterward and Q again lvl 3 for faster clear would be improvements as it seems to me.Probably gonna try that when i get home.

  3. This is a good video.
    Definitely going to try this on some strong junglers right now such as Kha'Zix and Rek'Sai.
    Thanks for this.

  4. Very good video, but this process could be sped up on some champs, if you start the raptor camp and leave one raptor until after your red buff.

  5. Your stance on features vs. bugs is only valid if Riot knows about the bug. If they do not, you are using an exploit and cheating. Period. Report the bug. Don't hide it.

  6. the bug should be implemented as intended since you are already giving up stuff to start on raptors/wolves and it opens more jungle paths tbh

  7. Am i missing something? Why is this clear so good?
    You can start machete with Q > E > W and do Red Wraiths Blue Gromp Wolves Scuttle and get level 4 by 3:31
    If you do your clear w/o the (now fixed) smite bug with machete you finish at 3:33. I tried to do it with the talisman but finished it at like 3:39 because of all the kiting necessary (wouldve been executed otherwise).

    It seems to me that the risk is about taking scuttle crab (which likely wont be up since you cant contest meta junglers as kayn pre6/form) vs being low during your clear which could open you to invades (albeit unlikely due to the pathing of the clear).

    Even if you choose to ignore scuttle crab, youre like 98% XP or so to level 4 and could easily get that by walking into lane or leaching 1 minions XP or something, or just recalling and doing kruggs . Sure it would be a slower level 4 but it should give you a faster XP curve with less risk involved no?

    One thing i did not take into account is red buff duration (with your clear its more delayed and can be used for a gank bot lane assuming you are blue side). Is there something else im missing?


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