Sadira will obtain an Ultimate within the Ultimates Ultra Pack that releases on May 2nd. Here is a peek at what her Ultimate seems to be like!



  1. I love the concept of this ultimate. A spider trapping its prey and killing it in one strike. I also love how Sadira strokes her prey before putting the blades to her neck.

  2. I don't think Aganos can die by having his throat slit open. Should've summon a giant spider from your lair instead. It works very well with any kind of foe, golem, mech, god, you name it.

  3. That was pretty sweet! I do wish there was a bit of blood when Sadira slashes her opponents though. I mean, the fighters already bleed when they are being hit during matches, so what's the big deal? At the very least it'd be nice to have a more guttural, flesh-slicing kind of a sound effect. Otherwise, the ultimate was pretty badass.

  4. It's starts of very nice but then….that little slice. Like she's putting butter on a toast and casually leans back in her web. There needed to be more. Blood, a violent rage combo just SOMETHING more badass than that slice.

  5. i already hate sadira if any sadira players beat me and use this ultimate im uninstalling killer instinct even if its ranked and its my promotion match to killer

  6. The beginning of it was awesome but then the ending made me feel so empty.

    I know they're trying to keep their T rating but the older games had more at that same rating. hell marvel nemesis showed more and it was T.

  7. here my future character for season 4
    Eagle lost brother
    Master Keith Tiger monk master
    VladTepes vampire king from coven
    Hydra Sharkman fish monster
    Dailah psychic fortune teller
    groot Tree golem
    Hannibal cannibalism Wendigo
    Kelvin Glacius partner he is ki Smoke
    Kane Tiger guardian ninja
    Kara Blonde agent ultratech
    Victor Chairman project ultratech mad scientist
    Duke knight Detective leader FBI
    David Davidson rock star
    Killer x crime Mafia with Clown mask
    Tornado Dijiin of wind
    Tengan Tengu
    El Triple luchador mexico wrestler with Aztec Spirit watch him
    Bullett steam punk Gunslinger
    Gron ultratech Cyborg ape
    Mercury Speedster
    Poison Plant mutant
    Venom humanoid tarantula munant
    Zom shapslifter
    Midas Wizard
    keranos omnipotent tormentor
    Freyja Valkyrie of love
    Ctutchle Evil lovecraftian god
    Yeouiju dragon spirit guide kim wu
    Oba zangbeto voodoo Priest
    Yosh Samurai with naginata
    cydriod Android
    Forester magical elf archer with celtic spirit


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