Sam Rockwell hosts Saturday Night Live on January 13, 2018, with musical guest Halsey.


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  1. What’s up with all the hate…. Halsey’s a great singer and she has great music. If u don’t know her check her out instead of making fun of her outfit

  2. SNL blows. They need to bring back a little thing called comedy. Less constant political jokes about Trump, more creativity and wit…

  3. shud google halsey to c if want to look at snl onight??
    Ouch! stinko. was that rap or hip hop? never can get that straight all those times it passes on the street.

  4. Hey, Halsey, feminist went into the tough bikers bar: "Give me the most non-alkoholic drink you have". Bartneder unbuttons his pants and begin to pee on feminsts face. Feminist: "Is this your most non-alcoholic drink?". Bartender: "No, I just pee on your face".

  5. Saturday Night Live went to shit it's nothing like when Dan Aykroyd Bill Murray was doing the show nowadays it's all about butthurt lousy faggot actors


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