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I’m writing this from my tour bus!!! We’ve just got off the ferry after our final show of tour in Dublin. This past week has been so so much fun, thankyou to anyone that came along to a show!
I’ve got one live date left and it’s on the Isle of Wight on Friday 6th October. Tickets cost £8 and are available with the link below : )
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✧ http://sazclose.tumblr.com
✧ snapchat- sazclose
✧ http://www.sarahclose.co.uk/
production company: After Party Studios
director: Callum McGinley
producer: Ed Moustafa
dop: Ben Doyle
1st AC: Lloyd Cook
2nd AC: Liam Meredith
gaffer: Owen Coughlan
gaffer: Will Horwell
hair & mua: Robyn Rowan
bts: Edie Amos
runner: George Achillea
runner: Alexander Num
editor: Ben Doyle
colourist: Dan Carney

boyfriend: Lewis Reeves
friend 1: Gabriel Purvis
friend 2: Eliz Akdeniz

Business enquiries only: matt.johnson(AT)redlightmanagement.com



  1. Such a beautiful video, this opened up a completely new meaning to the song which just shows your ability to write a song that is translatable in other ways to others, one of my favourite songs at the moment and for sure a fave video of yours Sarah x

  2. Was the other people she went to the beach with her friends or was it suggesting they were all a bit more than friends?

  3. that tweet about that she thinks girls turn girls on way too easily.. was that like some homophobic move or..? tf

  4. First time i heard it i didn't like it that much. I kept repeating it and now it's my favourite song. Good Job Sarah!

  5. I discovered you just a few days ago and girl I'm IN LOVE ? this is a fave song so far, been on repeat for past 4 days.


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