Scott Van Pelt explains that if his vote counted for the NBA MVP, he would give it to James Harden over Russell Westbrook regardless of believing that Westbrook will get the crown.

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  1. Has to be Westbrook… What he's doing is insane!

    As for the efficiency argument, Westbrook has 5.4 turnovers per game, shooting 425/336/840 (FGs, 3PT, FTs).
    The supposedly super efficient Harden averages 5.8 turnovers per game, shoots 445/349/851 (FGs, 3PT, FTs).

    I'm sorry, that's not big enough of a difference for the efficiency argument, as for the wins, look at their supporting cast + the fact that Kawhi isn't at the top of any conversations because "more wins" isn't a conversation-ender (and he's more efficient than Harden too, so apparently that isn't a conversation-ender either).

  2. For the life of me I can't understand how Harden "makes" his team better. They are literally stacked with shooters/scorers. Trevor Ariza, Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, and now Lou Williams. These are guys that have been shooters long before this season and long before Harden. As far as efficiency goes Westbrook is about 2% less efficient in FG% and 3PT% while averaging less turnovers with a higher usage rate. For those that love those advanced stats, Westbrook has a 30.6 PER while Harden has a 27.7 PER. These talks that Harden is so much better than Westbrook because of wins and efficiency are ridiculous. Harden is marginally more efficient than Westbrook with a much much better supporting cast and an offensive scheme that fits his play style (props due to D'Antoni). I'm not trying to take credit away from Harden but please recognize that their teams are not equal and while both team's success ride on Harden and Westbrook's respective shoulders, Harden has a much lighter burden with his supporting cast than Westbrook.

  3. can't give mvp to a player on a bad team. you can give me "his team sucks he has no help" all you want, but the fact is you have to be a winner to win mvp and westbrook has the 10th best record. there is a historical precedent that has been set. tmac average like 37 6 and 6 one season and didn't win. why? he was 8th seed. what about kobe 81 point season where he averaged 35 5 and 4.5? no mvp . 7th seed
    what about the next year when he put up 31 a game and had like 5 games of 50 or more in a row? nope. the last mvp below 2nd seed was Karl Malone and they were tied for first. before that it was jordan in 1988. you have to be a winner

  4. I don't get why people keep comparing the rockets supporting cast to the thunders, it's not even comparible the rockets have way more talent leaving the decision obvious. It's not that hard?

  5. MVP, is it the most valuable player to their team, or the best player in the league this year?..I think the first is Lebron, the other is Russell

  6. ESPN's player rankings before the season started…

    Westbrook – 5th
    Adams – 36th
    Oladipo – 48th
    Kanter – 80th

    Harden – 8th
    Gordon – 86th
    Anderson – 89th
    Capela – 92nd
    Ariza – 99th

    now Harden has too much help…

  7. why do yall keep talking bout who has a better team like the voters really give asf how your team is built lol js if your team is built like shit thats a personal problem and i doubt the voters compare the two and say oh he has better shooters foh


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