New build house, new garden, newly laid turf but no new lawn mower and grass is growing away. No problem: a few minutes with a scythe and its back in control, ready for a hand powered push lawn mower. (Dad with a scythe is of some practical use after all!)
(Took about 10-15 minutes, compressed for all like me with a short attention span).



  1. You know when you go to the barbers, ad they get that little knife out to scrape it against the soft hairs at the nape of your neck and around your ears, and it scratches you in a really ticklish, but pleasurable way? I get the feeling that's how the grass feels when it's cut like this… Like a homoerotic encounter with the man who cuts your hair.

  2. Wow, your dad looks like he works with the scythe often. I'd totally jack it up (probably put divots in the grass).

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