Sean Spicer appeared on digital camera for the primary time in fifteen days and wasted no time addressing the elephant within the room.



  1. so did the "fake" story of Trump being disrespectful come out before or after he shoved the prime minister of Montenegro?

  2. Run Spicey Run! False narratives? Like the Obama not born in the U.S. narrative? False narratives, like "I will release my taxes when the audit is over." False narratives like "My inauguration crowd was the biggest ever.", "I had the biggest electoral win since Reagan.", "I will not make cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or social security."

    The current administration has no credibility. Drain the swamp? This is the worse group of lying scumbags yet.

  3. xxxxxtra!!!I got arrested by anannumous!!! evicted,,,three,,days. ,,later,,home less .. for seven years !!! be cause of lieing/// polz,,plaintiff,,,witness/// court,,judge,,,amended court. transcripts,,records. /// to protect three lying person s//// got. fffkkked by judichery,!!!!!! homeless. seven. years////legal crooks !!!???????


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