John Roberts studies from the White House on the new communications place and who might step into the press secretary role



  1. that man is a fucking coward just like Trump fuck his whole cabinet racist fucks don't forget America was created by immigrants none of them came the right way they came murdered slaughtered raped and stoled?

  2. hopefully someone better will replace him. I like Spicer but I don't think he's best fit for the role that he's been in

  3. Trump needs to put a vicious attack dog for the press secretary to open a can of whoop-ass on these fake news morons at the Press briefings that constantly push false narratives against the president and his cabinet members

  4. I imagine being a Republican Press Secretary in America is one of the worst jobs in the world. I doubt he'll miss it.

  5. The world of comedy will greatly miss Spicey as press secretary. His mastery in the art of obfuscation and deceit has given hundreds of millions of people around the world many belly laughs since January 20th.

  6. well by looking at these comments i am alone in believing he did good at a tough job, i respect him for that alone.

  7. Hes getting a new role because he kept the press corp on a tight leash.
    Unfortunately thats exactly how anybody should have kept those rabies-infected vermin.

  8. Of course shes not interested. Who the hell wants to answer questions about Russia and all these anonymous source leaks that are usual found to be fake a week later.

  9. Spicer is now Trump's official cocksucker. Colonel Sanders Huckabee is now the official Trump lying mouthpiece.


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