Seattle police on Sunday fatally shot a lady who authorities say was armed with a knife. The 30-year-old lady, recognized as Charleena Lyles, was killed after she confronted officers who have been inside her house responding to a housebreaking name.
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Seattle Police Releases Audio From Fatal Shooting After Responding To A Burglary Call | TIME



  1. What is this doctored up mess? Why does it have so many dead spots? If she called the cops for a burglary committed against her, how does she end up dead after a confrontation that didn't sound like it had any escalation?

  2. Did the police say to put it down? What evidence was there that she had scissor (or knife seems like they cant get there story straight). All you here is to get back. Did the burglar come back (highly unlikely why would he come back to a house full of cops??) Seems like it was an excuss to get rid of a thorn in there(police) side considering she has two accounts of harrasing officer. (boo who you cant take verbal abuse from someone who presumably has less than you ((money and powerwise)). Im afraid if any nation attacks cops would be total useless. Time and time again they go straight for the gun. Thinking there lives are in danger. Which judging by the situation at hand was total unjustified considering neither of there lives were indangera.

    I have three conclusions for this:
    1. Officer (senior) wanted to take a break from work and wanted leave.
    2. As i said previously wanted to get a thorn out of there backside
    3. The one every black person and myself (also black) fear the most. They did it out of hate for another human with slightly different skin color/hair style to them.

    I simply cant understand racism. Maybe if i had a dramatic experience.
    But simple hating people for just a reason to hate or to make one feel great about oneself is beyond my reasoning.
    There are literally rabid creatures we keep as pets and love more than are fellow person. Like why? Becuase they cant talk back? Because they are inferior to you? Because the follow your every whim? Because they cant judge you. People (meaning anyone who is rasict) for what ever reason should be shipped to a 3rd world country where they cant have any luxuries like internet and pets and have to survive by working together with their family and neighbors. Just so i dont have to see rasict and hate comments fill up because the WHITE MAN got another one or some bullshit.

    Literally people are praising this persons actions, But i promise you if the people who support this got their prescious animal killed because it bit a child would be screaming for justice

    I went off sorry theirs my 3 cents ( alittle extra becuase of the rant)


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