Republican senator from Montana salutes U.S. military, says presenting a unified front is key to opposing threat from North Korea



  1. If you are a white male and still have some love left for the anti WHITE NFL than I hope she gives you the best present this Christmas. A fucking black baby you Mandingo worshiping soon to be erased white cuckolded sissy. TRUMP

  2. N.K. will be seen glowing from space station millions dead because nobody will assassin UN.to save themselves. Hard to feel sorry for weak sheeple. Eat grass? Won't be any. Totally meaning is all. On..or off..only two wAys. Bye.

  3. Lol, it's funny to read libtard trash talk! And even more funny to think people are actually taking them seriously. One can only hope these idiots are actually feeling the anxiety they are conveying. Lmfao! ????????

  4. Korean men are still going to fuck and marry all the beautiful White women! Fox News can put out all the anti-Asian male propaganda all they want, but the more they do it, the more White women are going to dump these pathetic White male beta faggots and run to East Asian men for marriage!

  5. North Korea leader thinks he is a god, but he plans to jump on a plane and hope to go to Korea once he stirred up enough problems, is a coward and bullies are usually cowards.

  6. kim blah blah isa joke…that whole stupid little country isa joke… the people need to be terminated like all foul un-holy moozlim countries… terminated!!!

  7. Talking about the pot calling the kettle black. The irony.
    How many countries has N. Korea invaded? How many has the US invaded? Who is the bully?

  8. north korea has the right to shoot down us planes in international waters because technically they still at war, if they wanna fly over neutral ground fly over your own country or switzerland lol, oh thats right america is fair game i forgot

  9. i don't stand for kim jon dumb – but in all reality the Usa is more of a bully than him. i'm not fooled by this media propaganda . kim jong is living in the technological stone age. he poses no real threat to anyone. Usa is like the big playground bully trying to pick on some little skinny chink, but in this case its a fat little chink.

  10. Without a doubt Kim Jeong Hoon North Korea are a terrorist State organization in need to be dealt with if you don't deal with them it's just because you're too f**** pussy like your whole God damn retarded Administration Trump you crooked lying 1% piece of s***

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  13. Funny how a migrant offspring moron country of bastards like America can call others a bully ???and this vulgar classless bastard migrant offspring country is a world thug and shit hole !!


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