Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) unveiled a two-year budget deal, a major victory for both parties that could prevent a government shutdown at the end of this week. But the plan still needs to pass the House, where it’s already facing strong headwinds.
The deal would boost military and non-defense spending by $300 billion over the next two years as well as and more than $80 billion in disaster relief. About $160 billion would go to the Pentagon and about $128 billion would to non-defense programs. The agreement includes spending on a variety of other needs, including disaster aid to respond to recent natural disasters. Some congressional negotiators also wanted to include a hike in the debt limit, which the US is expected to hit next month, though the exact parameters were still being negotiated when the deal was announced.



  1. All of our elected officials both republican and Democrat are letting down this country. This agreement will increase spending even though the tax bill decreased revenues. Our debt is going to soar and more expansionary economic policy is going to overload the economy sending us into another recession. Furthermore democrats completely caved and let go of all of their leverage. They just threw any chance to protect the dreamers and pass immigration reform in the trash.

  2. It's about time the Majority and Minority leaders have finally grown up and made a deal. It's ridiculous how long this nonsense has gone on for.

  3. Trey Gowdy Teaches Important FISA Lesson To Biased New Host Of Face The Nation


    Crucial clip from Face The Nation a few days ago. Gowdy explains that FISA judges do NOT do their own research on applications made by DOJ, relying on the supposed honesty and integrity of govt lawyers. Virtue signaling Margaret Brennan seems stunned by the revelation for a moment as she quickly considers whether her anti-Trump bias is showing.

    Before the criticism of Gowdy begins, remember Johnny Ratcliffe and Goodlatte also are publicly supporting Mueller’s probe. I think it’s part of a strategy from House Republicans to keep some players saying positive things about Mueller while Jordan, Gohmert, and Nunes go scorched earth on the special counsel.

    It’s all about appearances…

  4. How come Americans don’t want govt interference in their lives, yet they pay far higher than any country for security (police and military) and yet still feel unsafe that they have to protect themselves from themselves by buying all the guns in the world, and yet they can’t spend a 10th of that money on health, education, infrastructure, etc. Now there would be millions if not billions of dollars for the military to march through the streets in Washington while many of their veterans are homeless, have terrible health care and live in poverty. Can’t Just understand. The USA is so interested in fighting to save every other country in the world, especially those far far away from the US and yet create enmities between themselves at home tribally either on race, politics or religion and the hatred hey share with each other is frightening. Hope Americans are not gradually working for their own destruction? “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” (Abraham Lincoln) and (Matthew 12:25)

  5. War MOngering GOP cuts taxes ON THE RICH adding to the national debt while are continue to war EVERYWHERE. WHO CUTS FUNDS DURING WAR? you fuckers should be paid $7.25 per hour and work a fucking 40 hour week. Pentagon just reported again that it can't account for 800,000 million corporate democrats are dead trump charging any money for security at any of his trump resorts he is arrested ALONG WITH HIS family gop kicks voters off of voter ROLLS congress can go to hell

  6. I think its time to vote independent people. Can't be any worse than the clowns that's been in the past 30 something years. Smh

  7. I have an "opinion" too. Anyone want to hear it? CNN is F A K E N E W S – and – Libo Sissies are butt-hurt. I can prove both! LOL

  8. Americans Immigration Reform.
    1. A total end to chain migration past minor offspring and spouses.
    2. A total end to the Visa Lottery
    3. Full Funding for the Wall including adding Border Patrol and Military Hardware
    4. Ending the Born in American Auto Citizenship Add that One Parent Must be an American Citizen.
    5. All Naturalized Citizens Cannot Vote for the first 8 years
    6. Adding a min Sentence of 5 Years for hiring Illegal Aliens
    7. Adding 5,00 new ICE agents
    8. Adding 5,00 new INS Agents
    9. Making weekly reporting Mandatory for all Aliens on Work, Refugee & School Visas
    10. Making it mandatory to investigate any calls into the Hot line for reporting of Illegal Hiring
    11. A cut of 45% to legal Immigration

  9. Republicans cannot govern. They just have gotten to the position where they have learned to skim off the top of what use to be a great economy. Add in the anti science, religious persecution and obvious propaganda and you Trump as their leader. A perfect fit and he’s a great representation of the worst aspects of America.

    Trump is even worse than that. Born on 3rd base but then tells his gullible fans he hit a triple. LOL!!!


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