1. It's entirely inappropriate to ask whether there were any communications with Russians. This is none of gove's business. Questions such as this demonstrate clearly that leftists wouldn't hesitate to turn America into police state if they get their way. Can never let them be in power.

    It doesn't take a genius to see that the only way to defeat Trump is to win over the hearts and minds of his supporters. Demos have been doing precisely the opposite. They've either lost their entire mind or are losing even their own base.

  2. The only thing dubious is this fake investigation. The fact is, Hillary lost, get over it you socialist morons that live in the wrong country.

  3. A simple interrogation by Kamala Devi Harris(née) Gopalan to Attorney General Jeff Sessions! Perfectly justifiable!

  4. "AH-AH-I DON'T RECAWWWL" – This is America's top lawyer RIP HIM TO PIECES SENATOR HARRIS. I also loved that circle jerk to insecure Dear Leader Trump when the Cabinet licked the President's RECTAL CAVITY and Preibus stuck his head NECK DEEP up Trump's asshole.

  5. Why is she even in the room? Any why would she be allowed to ask any questions? Harris is a total joke posing as a politician.

  6. Within 25 years, we won't have to deal with douche bags such as Jeff Sessions. Within 25 years, the US demography will shift from whites to people of brown and dark skin. Then we won't have to put up with this shit.

  7. lol most of these commenters lowkey want to say "How dare this nigger woman question a great white man like jeff sessions."


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