Using an outdated laptop? That’s form of like Serena making an attempt to carry out with a picket racket. Spoiler alert: she doesn’t prefer it.

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Serena Williams | Outdated Equipment | Intel



  1. Intel I have a Pentium 4 631 will you give me an i7 6900k, motherboard, 64gb ddr4, gtx 1080ti in sli, 2tb Samsung 960pro,10tb Seagate HDD,new case in the world, water cooling for gpu,cpu and any thing else left . if so then give a reply… I hope you will agree and also provide 1080p 144hz monitor with best color, mechanical keyboard,rgb mouse and all the pc hardwares should be rgb, life time free service and free windows 10 pro

  2. "Serena" Williams outdated equipment? You mean "her" dick that "her" daddy had amputated so "she" could compete with the girls because he had no chance against other men?

  3. well then release a new CPU that isn't a reboot, just don't rush it, make it good and take your time. -via PC community that doesn't Fanboy. Trust me.

  4. wish companies would stop paying for overpriced actors and sports people in their adverts. then pass the savings on to the consumer


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