Brian Brenberg, associate professor of economics at King’s College, on the Trump administration allowing states to enforce work requirements for people to receive Medicaid.



  1. the thing that troubles me is some folks cant find viable work to pay for medical . if they work more they loose medical , if they don't they loose it . so in short they get left without help . and we are back to only the wealthy get to see a doctor . the rest can just die for being poor

  2. Take away Medicaid from the ILLEGAL ALIENS! And please don't say that illegal aliens don't receive Medicaid, and many other government programs!! BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT GIVES THESE ILLEGAL ALIENS ALL THE BENEFITS THAT THEY ASK FOR!!!
    Remember, just a few months ago, that young 10 year old illegal alien girl (Rosa Hernandez ) the one that made national news. She was riding in the ambulance, on the way to the hospital and was stopped by border patrol agent's . Well my fellow American tax payers, this young, 10 year old, illegal alien, with Cerebral palsy, developmental delays, and many other medical problems, was brought here, from Mexico by her illegal alien parents. Her mother stated on national television, that she brought her sick child here to the United States, when her daughter was only a few months old, because her daughter wouldn't be able to receive the proper care and medical treatments in Mexico. What this illegal alien mother meant to say was, that her sick child wouldn't be able to get all the FREE medical treatments, as she would in the United States!! This young illegal alien girl has been on MEDICAID, since she was only a few months old. I understand why our government would want to take away Medicaid from people that are able to work, but I am totally bewildered, why on earth would our government be GIVING! Medicaid and many other government resources to ILLEGAL ALIENS !!

  3. Wow this is just dumb!They are sick and u still want them to work??! Talk about institutional murder. Why dont they lower med school tuition and physician regulations and require new young board certified doctors to serve in public health and provide free service to repay for their education for a period of 1-2 years? Sounds more reasonable and humane to me

  4. No, so many who have worked already earned it..take care of "elderly" who can't work..just make sure they are born American citizens..some house wives husband's earned this for them then died


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