How did they do that? The Switch port of Skyrim is excellent – Tom and Rich convene to discuss the necessary compromises and cutbacks, with full docked vs mobile comparisons, PlayStation 4 head-to-heads and – of course – a performance analysis breakdown.

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  1. Skyrim is my favorite game. That being said, whos stupid enough to pay full price for a toned down port of a six year old game.

  2. Wow … I didn't think the Switch would be able to pull it off without some serious downgrades and resolution aside, this a worthy addition to Switch. Great job Bethesda and as always, Great video guys!

  3. I dont understand how the foilage had to be compromised so. The Switch is more than twice the power of an Xbox 360. 3 times that I think. Mobile or not, the GPU cannot be that weak to handle a 6 year old games standard for what a GPU could handle at that time. Our technology has improved more than that. Still an amazing port, just my only minor gripe about it.

  4. Realistically skyrim on switch isn't that impressive. The switch has the computational power of a old gaming pc. If a game could run on the xbox 360 chances are it will be fine for switch. Its just a total shame how badly underclocked the switch is. It looses a lot of horsepower when running at a piddly 300mhz gpu clock. Just for giggles I fired up skyrim on my xbox 360 and sadly it still looks better than the switch version, which just doesn't seem right for how old the 360 is.

  5. I mean they act like getting skyrim on the switch is a big deal it was on the xbox 360 and the switch blows that system away lol now on the X with the 4k update coming mmmm <3

  6. I wonder if, given some time for patching, they could sort out a solution for the foliage LOD. Given how consistent the framerate is, I would hope to see a small improvement come later patches. Perhaps, even the ability to adjust the Foliage LOD manually.

  7. I think the big thing is that they skipped AA. I think Doom will be a hit anyway, but would it have turned out better (less blurry, better framerate) if they skipped the TAA in the idTech engine? It's all about design choices, right? And working within the system's limitations.

  8. We used to compare 360 to pc and the console peasants would say it looks the same. The difference was way bigger than this and the fanboys are hating on the weaker device now. Irony.


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