Check out this unique sneak peek of Toontown’s latest Toon Species, coming quickly! Our builders are on the lookout for suggestions on find out how to make these Toons even higher. Note that on this improvement sneak peek, Deer is at present lacking textures for the ears and antlers. The closing results of these Toons could find yourself trying completely different based mostly off of suggestions!

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  1. I think you should work on the crocodile's sound to make it more like a roar…instead of it sounding like someone hocking up a loogey..lol Otherwise, awesome!!

  2. The deer just sounds like someone just mumbling, a real deer noises sounds more like a high pitched honk for the most part. The crocodile sounds pretty solid, but the models are what currently bother me
    the deer's head seems to be way too wide and reminds me of the cat, the croc should have a slimmer/longer muzzle and a slightly taller head/taller spikes. That's all I can suggest but other wise it's pretty good !!

  3. I think both sounds are awesome! I also like how both of them look, but if the crocodile's muzzle was flatter and had teeth, it'd be even better. They do match the other toon designs quite well! Awesome!

  4. The deer sound makes it way too obvious that it was voiced by a human. Maybe try to disguise that a bit more? It goes eh wuh wuh weh wuh wuh, maybe it should be more of a eh weh weh weh weh weh. That's what a real deer sounds like after all. But that has no variety so maybe exaggerate tone shifts and dynamics to make up for it

  5. Everything in pretty nice!! But I suggest flattening the Croc's muzzle and maybe perhaps giving it some nose flare?? The Deer needs some work, too!! Maybe make the antlers a tiny bit more thin and long, and give the option for antler customization!! I also suggest using a more feminine, smoother kind of noise for the deer?? ( Im not even sure what noise a deer would make in a cartoon ) But it's pretty good!! Perhaps slimming down the Deer's muzzle would also work
    Good luck, TTR Team!!

  6. Deer could use some major improvements to the voice. Deer actually DO make noise, they just don't make noise OFTEN. Look up a few Wildlife Aid deer rescues, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Fawns make a terrible squall when they're in danger and calling their mother, and older deer will sometimes call back to their fawns.

    As far as the current noises for the deer Toons go, they're not necessarily BAD. Given a slight change in tone and pitch, I think the tempo/meter of the voice sounds just fine. It's the high-pitched catlike mewling that I can't stand. If it were a slightly lower pitch and had a little more of a guttural sound like crocodile has, it would be perfect. I'm not an expert of describing auditory sounds, but just look up a few clips of deer sounds, and you should be able to see what I'm getting at.

    Otherwise, I think croc sounds great.

  7. The deer's voice just sounds like some guy going "mermermer" in a falsetto tone. I feel like the illusion of the deer having its own voice, and not a person making sounds into a microphone isn't there. That's my only critique.

  8. I feel as though the deer should have more "huff" noises like through the nose like elk or maybe even a caribou. Or like those yodel noises in the polar express the caribou make. Also I think the croc is sound reminds me of bowser and yoshi. I think if teeth were added and the snout a bit longer (like horse" would set the character into place. Very much like how the deer looks I think if some white dots were added to the face it would look cool maybe the antlers a bit bigger?

  9. Deer needs to sound less human and croc needs to sound a little beefier. Still, great demo and I can't wait to see how it turns out. 🙂

  10. I feel as though the crocodile could be a little deeper and more like a growl than a cough, but I like it a lot. I like the higher pitch of the deer, but the sound just doesn't seem right. Maybe a female voice actor and different phrasing?

  11. Definitely make the croc have sharp teeth to really make a difference from it and the horse. For the deer i would say maybe make the nose pointier. Other than that, this looks really good!

  12. I wish the deers muzzle would be less cat like… it should be more pointed! Like the cartoon you did when you showed us all the species. You guys should try to make the animal resemble the cartoons more


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