Get a glimpse of the new French battleships!



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  1. I'm in a bind for a joke here, should I go with, "How fast do they go in reverse" or "Huh, I wonder how much my German BBs will enjoy citadelling these guys."

  2. I'm most interested in the new US cruiser line coming up. I hope my Cleveland gets her pre nerf closed beta stats back when she goes T8. That Cleveland was the BBQ king, and the ultimate fly swatter. The T10 American alternate branch cruiser could really bad ass too with all those rapid fire, HE spamming guns. Looks almost like an Atlanta on steroids.

  3. Commercial looks great, now, if only you guys put as much time and energy into fixing CV's, maybe they wouldn't be in an ever worsening state the last 3 years since they were introduced to Alpha testing/Beta Weekends.

  4. and they're playing Bacchi Ball, an italian lawn game? (I live in the San Fransico area. we have area's in our city parks here set aside for this, on both sides of the bay!). NIce intro.

  5. paper thin ships. You look at them and the french ship will sink itself. Whoever made the french ships in the game must have hated the french people


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