Trevor lists the headlines he has no time to cowl, together with Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination listening to, Tomi Lahren’s suspension and Ivanka Trump’s new White House gig.

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  1. Well
    Bill Clinton has his Monica
    & of course
    Trumpet has his Ivanka

    Democrats will do something; the Republi-cons with whine.
    And then the Republi-cons will go and 'better' the Democrats.

    HomObama was NOT 'born in Kenya' (to an American mother); he was not fit to be President.

    Ted Curse was ACTUALLY born in foreign land, Canada (to an American mother); but in they evil eyes of Republi-cons, Curse was fit to be President.

  2. Your telling me South Korea understand how wrong it is that ivanka is taking up a office and waste or tax dollars and by understand I mean the fired there president Park

  3. The way Gorsuch spoke is insulting to those with a high school education. Saying "gosh" that many times makes him sound like a bumbling baton unfit for the Supreme Court

  4. So much fake news, so little time to force your biased opinion on millions of people. You're not a journalist, you are fake news

  5. that is the whitest guy I've ever seen… and I'm so white that everytime I go out in the sun I have to get another cancer screening

  6. Trevor, love ya! You're awesome, hilarious and spot on! Let people rant, so what? They cry because the truth hurts and it hits too close to home in hypocrisy. "Aint no body got time for that. " 😀

  7. Trevor Noah is a progressive propagandist hack/shill. FAKE NEWS. (comedic, yet still propagandist) …hey america, how does it feel to have your mind continually toyed with by globalist money? Manipulation. do you love it?

  8. She's not an official govt employee and will have no official title. So what is her unofficial title and where is her pay checking coming from?

  9. Trevor Noah is horrible. I cannot believe one of the reasons he was chosen was because of his skin color. That's racist. Racism is when a decision or action is made with someone's skin color in mind. The color of your skin is independent of your merit, that's a fact. Therefore, to choose someone as a position just because of their skin color is a horribly racist act. Not to mention Trevor Noah is not funny, nor has he said any facts.

  10. This guy is no jonh stewart, he makes good points at times, but his whole show is so corrupt its not even funny from their interviews that they chop and edit to favor their points while making the "opposing" guest look like a buffoon. also the fact that he makes fun of trumps comments (and believe me trump says really really idiotic things) and then proceeds to display the same childish attitude towards him back. i get that its comedy but when you only report negative things because of your own tailored bias it makes your show seem fake or uncultured. trump since been in office has done lots of good things and of course questionable actions that could be viewed as bad things such as the health care fiasco. he has on board multiple million dollar and billion corp getting on board to bring jobs back as well as strengthen our military and protect our borders. i am not no right/left wing enthusiast. nor do i know much about politics but if you only preach hate or negative aspirations against a major person of power without even giving him a chance then you only divide. especially with the crowd news shows like these attracts and influences. thats my two cents though

  11. More propaganda dressed up and delivered by a cool black dude with an accent. In other words, most morons in the USA believe this shit.

  12. Trevor Noah is not an American though he got a top job that an
    American like Chris Rock did not have or get a chance. Americans are delighted in real African Americans instead of Blacks born in this country; what happened to patriotism?

  13. And the only reason Tomi is being suspended is so she can start working for another popular news station. Did they think we'd miss that? 🙂

  14. what is news now? What ever fits the agenda or what ever keeps the ratings and clicks up? Kinda scary when there are many different answers to the question.

  15. I cannot believe how the last 7 comments were stupid! Do you think this show is for real? What a bunch of dolts that cannot not even laugh at life, let alone yourselves! Get some humility! DAR


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