Check out this unboxing of the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition with Aaron and Hoshino-san! We share some excellent news and not so excellent news concerning the recreation, and a few different neat surprises.



  1. If you will delay PC version then make a good reward like special dlc of Sonic Mania PC version with good content. Sonic 1 is the most laziest way to thank PC gamers for their patience.
    P.S. Freaking TWO weeks of ignoring the spoilers!

  2. i am pretty sure the real reason of PC delay that people will pirate it and SEGA won't get any money from PC users so :l

  3. Well, I'm annoyed and even more excited at the same time. I'm so glad that you guys are making sure pc version is amazing, but console players will fill YouTube with spoilers. No offense to Sonic Team, Im still hyped as hell about this game, but I just hope I can avoid spoilers for 2 weeks. Good luck with everyone else on the PC Version!

  4. I'm late here, but something that would be pretty neat would be that, if they can (which I doubt at this point), they should also print out some of the introduction manuals for the Collector's Edition sets, after all, some countries don't have conventions or anything they can go to for them, and would be pretty cool for those of us who couldn't go to PAX or any of those to still have a chance to get those manuals

  5. Well damn. I was looking forward to the release so I could play it and get it out of the way before I start my new job on the 22nd. Oh well.

  6. I don't really mind waiting for the game to be released on PC, as long as its well done and runs smooth. What bothers me is the fact that I won't be able to go on any social network because of the massive amount of spoilers flooding the web. I guess I'll go hermit now.

  7. Man I'm not into merchandising nor into collector's editions, but I am really happy for all of you who purchased it. It's made with so much love I'm overjoyed. I hope Sonic Mania will be the start of Sonic's rebirth in some sort of way

  8. I went the refund route. I have many copies of Sonic 1. Just going to get it on the PS4. The appeal for the PC version was simply to be able to play it at any given time as I never leave my PS4 running… it mostly gets used for console exclusives but when it comes to a PC version being available I always go for that with 3rd party titles. I understand the delay but this stream happened right after I decided to purchase so it gave me a choice as the purchase was fresh.

  9. i dont wanna de sonic 1… i have five sonic 1… 2 weeks more… before 23 years…. ppshhhhh….. i never reserve a sonic game again….

  10. I can get the "wait two weeks, it's not that long" argument but it's kinda annoying other platforms get it first when you don't have them yourself, I get the whole quality argument too but it hasn't even been delayed for quality or bugs.

    I mean, the game was delayed to august 15th, fair enough I'll wait.

    Omg 4 more days away I can't wait to play! Then it gets delayed again for the only system you have and you gotta avoid spoilers and everyone's having fun when you're missing out and a lot of people gotta go back to school around that time.

    I'll be patient and wait but it's honestly just disappointing, especially when everyone else does before you :/

  11. Im sittin' here reading people cancelling their pc preorders. While Im here playing the Mania mod of the free sonic 1 we got lol. im gonna enjoy the game nonetheless

  12. Too late to suggest, but here's a thought. What if Sonic could detach from the Genesis base, to insert the Sonic Mania cartridge? Lol

  13. Well, Sega screwed up one thing, they didn't date lock it on the switch version, so now people who have the collectors edition AND a switch, got sonic mania early, and now there's leaks of the final boss, crap

  14. the bad news made me a bit upset. i have sonic 1-3 +sonic and knuckles for the genesis. all well it will provide a chance for those who havent picked up the sonic 1 game. Being just as old as sonic i am still young enough that i can wait. 😉

  15. Delaying games is almost always a good thing. One of the biggest problems in this series is time and ironically speed. Imagine if Sonic 06 had some more time, the game could've been rewritten and polished to be a really nice game. If sonic 3 had more time then both games could've been one. Quality always comes before speed and a delayed game has a chance to be good, but a bad game released is bad forever. Patience guys, I want it too.


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